Monday, January 10, 2011

A Better Me, You Wish :p

We went to this ya5our thingy a couple of days ago, it was really fun. My joints still hurt but I'll survive :p
My aunt made 5obz ergag there and my cousin and I decided to be creative so we made a triple cheese 5obza. It was so good but so wrong at the same time!

Hello there, did you all miss me :p

Well there's been a couple of changes in my life style and that's why I haven't posted in a while. I've been sleeping at semi-normal hours, so no more posting at 3 AM. And I've just came back from my morning walk. I still haven't figured out what to wear when walking, no matter how light I dress it's still hot, silly me I thought it was winter! Next thing become a vegetarian then vegan (NEVER), lool just kidding!

I'm still not getting enough sleep (I wake up at 4 AM!!) So most of the day I'm on zombie mode, it's so funny (NOT!)!

I'm drinking milk too! This is big because I've been on calcium supplements since I could remember (we have a family history of osteoporosis) and I used to prefer the upset stomach over drinking milk, but I'm being open to changes for now, plus I'm out of supplements :p

Do I feel healthy? No :p
I seriously don't because I'm still consuming the same amount of junk that I'm used to. I'm doing this for my sanity really rather than anything else! You see, walking releases my happy hormones, and by sleeping at normal hours I'm regaining some of my mental health. I'll have to adapt to posting in the morning now, mornings suck!


Anonymous said...

Looool just eat the junk you want in a smaller amount ;p


Sumaiah said...

Loool yeah I guess! Maybe that's gonna be the next step :D

Slashy said...

I eat junk food too, a lot.

I need to change and congrats on drinking milk ;)