Tuesday, January 25, 2011

BB.... M :s

I have a tendency to do whatever I want, however I want to, no matter how absurd or inappropriate it might be. That tendency managed to manifest itself in every electronic mean in my life, a keyboard is like my invitation to misbehave!

I'm not gonna defend what I do here because this is where I vent and I don't believe that venting should be censored! I'm going to talk about how I abuse my BBM and what my poor contacts have to put up with.

I believe that BBM is one of the worst thing that happened to humanity. The last thing that I'd ever want is to be available at all times! I hate it more than I hate onions (that means a lot in my vocabulary :p)! That's why I have a limited amount of contacts and they're divided into three categories:

1- Family members: they could be useful sometimes.... Who am I kidding!

2- People who I actually talk to:
- Noro: my best friend who loves to talk! And I actually love reading what she has to say :)
- Mesho: my sister and partner in crime.
- Sero: my flirting buddy. Innocent (emphasize on innocent) flirting is one of my favorite hobbies, and that's why I tend to do it in a controlled environment :p
- Drunk friend: I like to tell her that she's stupid every once in a while. I love to believe that that's how we bond!

3- People I used to go to college with: I don't know why they're still on the list! I've deleted most of them but kept a couple for some reason. I rarely talk to them (I only reply if they initiated a conversation) and I couldn't care less about what they have to say!

Other reasons to why I only have those on my list are:
1- Inappropriate use of my personal msg space and display picture. I write whatever pops into my mind, it's usually not pretty as you can see :p
2- I tend to delete people for sending too many Broadcasts or if they get on my nerves.
3- People are way too sensitive and they get offended easily!
4- I don't like people!

What technology do you abuse? If you say none then you're not normal :p


Slashy said...

do u use MSN ib ur BB? i have it on my iPod.. i'd love to talk to u :(

Sumaiah said...

Last time I used MSN was in high school! But I'll start using it again starting now :)
Add me on my hotmail E-mail :D

Really missed you here :*

Slashy said...

LOL same here but I had to use it coz all of my friends have BBs but I don't.

Aww love u!

Sumaiah said...

Love you too baby :*

r.alsharif said...

I hate bbm, its the reason i dont own a blackberry. It's supposed to help people keep in touch but instead when you see people go out they isolate themselves and start typing like maniacs instead of talking to each other! :P

Sumaiah said...

That's one more reason to hate BBM! I hate it when I go out with someone and all they do is BBM other ppl it's so rude! Ya3ny can't you take some time off of virtual socialization to actually socialize!