Tuesday, January 11, 2011

20 Reasons to Why I'll Never be in the Top 20

I've noticed that every once in a while people post about the top 20 Kuwaiti bloggers so I decided to post about why I'll never making the list! This is not me being envious or anything, it's just me making fun of my humble place :p

1- I talk a lot, and elaborate when there's no need too! Like now when I said I talk a lot that would've been enough, but no I had to keep on going! I can do that forever you know! Ok I'll stop now :p

2- I have 7 followers and I suspect that 2 of them followed me by mistake and they don't know how to unfollow :p

3- I post about what matters to me, the boring details of my life, rather than posting about what matters to the masses.

4- I sound annoying. In fact, I am annoying!

5- I don't advertise myself. I only comment on a couple of blogs regularly (only because you rock :*). I do comment on other blogs when they post something interesting, but most of the times I'm not that impressed! (Told you that I'm annoying :p)

6- I'm a girl but I don't do fashion *gasp*

7- I could post about gummy bears if I felt like it!

8- I write long meaningless posts.

9- I take crappy photos.

10- I say I a lot! And use way too many exclamation marks!! :p

11- I do a lot of complaining. Like right now I have a sore throat and I've been wanting to complain about how painful it is ever since I've started writing this :p

12- I post occasional awkward posts.

13- I get 50 page views.... In a good day :p

14- I could post daily for a week then post once a week after that.

15- Corny titles.

16- what you see is what you get.

17- I'm too lazy to make my own theme.

18- Nerdy header thingy!

19- I'm rude and anti social (to real people and internet people :p)

20- I don't do reviews and ads.

20 is a big number! I'm never doing this again!! So there you have it, enjoy :p


Ambrosial said...

And we still like u for ur 20 reasons! ;p ur in our top 10! how about that?! lol ;)

Ur using ur blog, the way it's supposed to be used! Like blab about ur days, mention what's interesting to u, and the fact that u don't have to post every single day! Ur cool and on the right track ;)

Anonymous said...

ur blog is one of my top 5 blogs! i enjoy reading it.


don_veto said...

I like your blog, i got you in my google reader.

Vainglorious said...

And those 20 reasons are exactly why I love you and ur blog!

Your not fake, you are true to urself and blog the way you like not the way people want! Keep doing what your doing, ur awesome and we love you the way you are ;)

Sumaiah said...

Guys I know that I'm awesome you didn't have to say that! You're all on my cookie list :p

Thank you honey :*
That says that you have good taste :p

Owwwwwh thank you :*
I died!

Why thank you :*
Glad to know that, I hope to see more of you here :)

Thank you baby :*
I know! Aren't I the greatest!

bananaQ8.com said...

hahahaha this is the post of the week really loved it & enjoyed every detail :) Thanks for making my day

Godless Saudi said...

You're on my top 9000

Sumaiah said...

Glad you liked it :)

Really! I'm very honored to have even made that list.. NOT!!
You could've lied you know -__-

Godless Saudi said...


The Reigh said...

2- I followed on purpose...you crack me up :p

3- your details are what makes you real :)

4- you're cool...not annoying

5- another reason to be loved


7- allaaaa abeeee :D

15- heheheh

19- you're not rude..you're merely blunt...and adorable...yes I called you adorable!


I think you should make the top 20 *hmph*

Sumaiah said...

IT'S OVER 9000

Rei Rei:
Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwh that's so sweeeet! *hugs hugs and more hugs*

Missed you here :*