Monday, January 31, 2011

Family Induced Depression

Seriously people if I had to see one more extended family member this week I'll kill myself!! I don't have any problems with my aunties (my moms sisters) I could see them every day and not get the urge to strangle myself with a shoelace. It's just that ever since my grandma (dad's mum) came to stay at our house, her daughters have been coming none stop! And to make matters worst, my dad's aunt and her daughters (more loud people that I don't know) came yesterday and I haven't even recovered from that awkwardness to be sitting at the same table with his sister and her daughter today!!

I wish I could be spared the tedious smiling and correcting my name. I wish we could skip me telling them that I'm not in school, I'm not in college, I've graduated, and yes I'm still unemployed and a I'm still a burden on all humanity! I wish that they'd stop acting as if we're a tight knitted family. After all I've just learned their name (I couldn't tell my aunts apart until recently!) and they still don't know mine!

I'm just tired of acting proper, I miss the crazy me who giggles like a maniac and acts like a 4 year old brat! I miss having fun, my kid at heart is feeling very weak these days. I really don't mind growing old, I just mind growing tired.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Hundred Flying Lanterns

It has finally been proven, I'm the gobesest gobes (derived from gobesa :p) to ever roam this earth! I've been making a fuss about going camping on my birthday because I wanted to fly a hundred lantern. Well I have the lanterns now but the camping trip was cancelled due to god only knows why :'(

They're trying to find another place, but it might not be on my birthday so I'm feeling a bet down. Plan B was flying them from our roof but my mom lost her mind at the mention of that! I might do it after all just to rub it in her face :p

Now as you can see, the lanterns are colored and tacky looking (and the zebra covers are even tackier looking :p) but they'll look pretty when lit and floating up there :)

Everyone wants some but I'm only giving my aunt because I love her, the rest could kiss my ass :p

Driving By Your House

I just drove by an area that made me uneasy! That stupid heart of mine, when will it let go and just move on. I'm over the person but not over the confusion. I thought if I called it off that would make it easier to handle. I was wrong! It just made me the evil one, but with a broken heart!

But don't go around flattering yourself because I don't miss you a bet! I've never loved you, I just miss being loved! I never said that I'm not self centered, what made you think other wise?

Hope you're ok and doing well. I'm really glad that you bounced back really quick :)

Saturday, January 29, 2011


I've had long hair for the major part of my life, but I feel that I desperately need a haircut right now! My last haircut was in my third year of college (ages ago!). I had just taken a midterm that I fucked up and I wanted to blow some steam, so I took my friends and went to the hairdresser and had my hair all chopped off. It was a nice change having super short hair and it looked pretty cute!

My hair now is lifelessly long again, and I've been thinking of just cutting it all off! Sometimes I get the urge to grab a razor and shave it all, but then I remember that I don't have the right face shape to carry it off :p

I want to get a stupid cut something like Shane's from the L word, freshly fucked is the name of the cut, now how fabulous does that sound :p
But I can't carry that off too, most unfortunately! Plus, I can't go too short because of my sister's wedding on late march :s

I don't know!
*plays with her high ponytail* ouch I just pulled something out :s

My house is being used as an unwanted kids refugee camp. I swear to god if I had to listen to them ever again I'll pull my thinning hair out!
Ok chill Sumaiah chill.
Now that I'm thinking straight I'll be selling them for 10 KDs a head, any buyers?

Do It Like A Dude!

Going to celebratory gatherings is such a hassle if you're a girl! You have to pluck shave and doll up which takes up to 6 hours. You do all of those torturious activities to endure 2 hours of the worst torture possible.... The judgmental looks of old ladies! Getting ready to me means:

- Shaving: which is almost always done at the last minute and on a rush which results in blood shed and bruising!

- Hairdo: if you like having your hair pulled and smothered in hair spray then you'll love this step! I on the other hand hate putting my hair to the extremes!

- Makeup: I don't have any problems with facial makeup, it's the body makeup that I hate. I forgot my body makeup today and had a couple of awkward conversations. Some thought that my scars were stretch marks (being over weight finally paid off!), others thought that it was shaving gone wrong, and some had their suspicions. I really hated being that exposed, I felt so stupid!

- Mental Preparation: it's the hardest of all! I'd take waxing (something that I vowed to never do!) Over having to be around the family elders and having to act proper and all! I feel so stiff still :s

I'm bored of going to those occasions as a girl, next time I'm doing it like a dude! :p

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Girly Camp

I just got home from another camping trip but this one was kinda interesting! My aunt's school staff rented the place so the group had no males, and the girls went all out. There's plenty a girl can do when surrounded by stereos and shesha. Unfortunately I went with my aunts so I had to act girly and shy, and let me tell you that that wasn't fun :(

I could've danced but I'm not really that good at dancing so I only dance around family. The only thing that you can do around dancing girls, if you're not dancing, is stare at asses, so that's what I did! Thank god I'm taking dancing classes on march because I really love dancing and it's a shame that I suck at it.

I loved the idea of an all girls camp, but next time I'd love it if I was around people I cared about. I'm sort of anti-social so I was kind of intimidated and quite reserved and that prevented me from actually enjoying my time. We left early because we weren't having fun, and we needed to use the bathroom and I was obsessing about all the things that I couldn't do!

It was good though since we (Mesho and I) haven't been to our house since yesterday because we needed our time away. We had a sleepover (minus the sleeping part!) at my aunt's house then we went camping in the morning. To be honest I still don't feel like going back...... Any ways, I really want to ashayesh and dance now!

The ta'3reez part was the highlight of today :p

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

BB.... M :s

I have a tendency to do whatever I want, however I want to, no matter how absurd or inappropriate it might be. That tendency managed to manifest itself in every electronic mean in my life, a keyboard is like my invitation to misbehave!

I'm not gonna defend what I do here because this is where I vent and I don't believe that venting should be censored! I'm going to talk about how I abuse my BBM and what my poor contacts have to put up with.

I believe that BBM is one of the worst thing that happened to humanity. The last thing that I'd ever want is to be available at all times! I hate it more than I hate onions (that means a lot in my vocabulary :p)! That's why I have a limited amount of contacts and they're divided into three categories:

1- Family members: they could be useful sometimes.... Who am I kidding!

2- People who I actually talk to:
- Noro: my best friend who loves to talk! And I actually love reading what she has to say :)
- Mesho: my sister and partner in crime.
- Sero: my flirting buddy. Innocent (emphasize on innocent) flirting is one of my favorite hobbies, and that's why I tend to do it in a controlled environment :p
- Drunk friend: I like to tell her that she's stupid every once in a while. I love to believe that that's how we bond!

3- People I used to go to college with: I don't know why they're still on the list! I've deleted most of them but kept a couple for some reason. I rarely talk to them (I only reply if they initiated a conversation) and I couldn't care less about what they have to say!

Other reasons to why I only have those on my list are:
1- Inappropriate use of my personal msg space and display picture. I write whatever pops into my mind, it's usually not pretty as you can see :p
2- I tend to delete people for sending too many Broadcasts or if they get on my nerves.
3- People are way too sensitive and they get offended easily!
4- I don't like people!

What technology do you abuse? If you say none then you're not normal :p

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Typing Away the Awkwardness

- My aunt asked me to teach her brats math.. She asked ME!! I can't deal with kids, I don't like children, and most important of all, I DON'T TEACH IDIOTS!!
And I don't like math! I mean I'm good at it, but I'm not passionate about it. Any ways, I ended up telling them that they're stupid and I'm not wasting my time on them if they're not welling to learn. The boy sat on his ass and listened but the she-monster pouted and complained so I told her to get out of my face or I'll cause her serious damage :p

- My sister just got married to the person that she's been in love with for the past 3 years. So it's only normal that she's glowing and acting all lovey dovey and what not. Don't get me wrong I'm really happy for her, I've seen their love grow and I don't think that anyone's as ecstatic about this more than I am. It's just that the blushing, the sparkling eyes, the inside jokes and flirting gets to be too much sometimes. When are they gonna get a room and use that love in a productive way rather than using it to make me nauseous!

- The weather's been very nice lately but I think that I might've weakened my immune system by staying at home. Now every time I leave home, I manage to come back with a cold.

- I think that Good Eats might be my favorite show ever! Where else can you find science and cooking combined in one magical program. I think I'm abandoning E! and going back to food network, I'm sick of reruns!

- My dad's sister and her daughter are visiting us. I always feel awkward when my dad's relatives come by. They always forget my name and keep asking me what grade I'm in :s
That's why I decided to ignore them all and write this post so I won't have to make small talks or any type of effort to bond with them! I think I stayed long enough and no one will be offended if I left right?

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Investigation Discovery is one of the lamest channels that you'll ever watch. After stating that fact you'd think that I don't watch it! Well, you're wrong as usual! Mofy (my eldest sister at home) loves that stupid channel and forces me to watch it as well. I've decided to let you all suffer with me by listing some of the lame programs names. I'm not sure what some of them are all about, but they sound stupid and that's why they make the list :p

1- Couples Who Kill: seriously ya3ny! I think that ID. is were creativity goes to die! Couldn't they come up with a better name? It's not as if the idea is so good by itself and that's why they're not making that much effort, because it really sucks!

2- Dr. G: Medical Examiner: Dr. G is a good name for a porn star not a coroner! Grim reaper would be more appropriate though :p

3- Disappeared: every time the guy on the ad says disappeared I remember "Room" a stupid novel that I've recently read.

4- True Crime with Aphrodite Jones: if your name is Aphrodite you should either be an exotic dancer or a porn star because no one will take you seriously (well, I'm not sure about everyone but I won't!).

The names are not the only thing that went horribly wrong with those programs. Most of the programs on ID. contain sucky reenactment and believe me the acting is so bad it's much worse than reality shows!

You must understand how bored I am to understand why I just wrote a long post about a channel that I hate :p
Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone from Zain Kuwait

I'm bored!

I'm marking my territory, DooDa's my pet name.

I'm bored, I don't want to read! And I'm feeling chatty but I don't want to talk so I'll post! Except that I have nothing to post about so I'll post about nothing :p

*thinking of something to say*
Amy Winhouse's going to have a concert in Dubai on my birthday. I love Amy Winhouse and I want to go but guess where I'm going to be on my birthday.... Lousy mo5ayam! With lousy family members, freezing my ass off and eating lousy food!
No seriously speaking, I love going to places with my extended family (mom's side of the family), shocked? I love being around my aunts and uncles and guy cosines, they make me feel protected. And my cousins are so funny I can't stop laughing around them! My girl cousins are ok but I'm not really good at befriending girls, they're way to sensitive for my liking!

I want to fly lanterns on my birthday, millions and millions of them! Well, maybe hundreds I don't think that I'll have the time to fly a million :p
Do any of you know of a place were I could find lanterns in large quantities?

If I thought of something else to say I'll post again :p
Yes, I'm that bored -__-

Reading Keeps Me Centered

Growing up I've had difficulty blending in. To me recess was almost always spent at class with one of my novels. I remember being asked about why I read and how each time I gave a different response depending on who I was talking to and the mood I was in. One of my favorite responses was that reading keeps me centered, and that's exactly what I need right now.

I haven't been reading lately because I've started reading a translated novel a month ago and I'm not a fan of translated work unless it's Paulo Coelho's (most of his novels suck but I love him!). I bought it on an impulse and I have a rule of not leaving a book unfinished so I'm going to have to continue reading it to start a new one.

Books have played an important role in my life. They're the only constant that I've had, and I can always depend on them. Now I shall go read! Well, maybe after I get out of bed, and watch some TV :p

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Brain Flu

I don't know what it tastes like but I'm eating it for some reason! It's obvious that it's some sort of dried fruit covered with white chocolate *hearts*
I'm not a fan of dried fruit, except for pineapple. I love everything pineapple, but not caned pineapple, that shit tastes nasty!

I have a discission to make and I haven't even thought about it! I've been pushing it far back into my brain were the sun never shine. Well that's not really true, the sun always shine here that's the problem! I'm always worrying about something, and when I try to stop I start to think about something stupid then I start worrying about it :p

Like now as I'm giving myself a headache trying to remembering some of the things that I have to take care of, I suddenly started thinking about dresses for my sisters wedding! I want to wear green. I saw a pretty green dress the other day but then I remembered that there might be a yalwa so I don't think that I can wear green! Lol the dress is not the important discission that I'm talking about don't worry I'm not that stupid!

I hate Cake Boss he's so annoying... I just felt like adding this! My brain has the flu it's not working properly :p

Monday, January 17, 2011


Hello internet people, how have you all been?

Everyone's taking a nap or studying and I'm here watching bad shows, so I thought why not post :p

Sooooo, I'm sick again! I know that no one wants to know if I'm sick or not because that's how I feel when you start talking about your health!

The funniest thing about having the flu is the nasal voice, isn't it the sexiest (I'm being sarcastic in case you haven't noticed)! I'm known to mumble and slur while speaking which is already hard to understand, combine it with a stuffy nose and you get something to laugh about :p

Ummmmm, yeah the 1000 KD! So what's with that? I don't feel comfortable about receiving it. It doesn't feel real to me :s

I'd like to use the rest of my energy to thank someone really special. Even though I've never met you, I have nothing but respect and appreciation for you. Thank you for the help I really couldn't have done it without you. Next time I'll try to stop giggling long enough to make sense, your highness :p

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

20 Reasons to Why I'll Never be in the Top 20

I've noticed that every once in a while people post about the top 20 Kuwaiti bloggers so I decided to post about why I'll never making the list! This is not me being envious or anything, it's just me making fun of my humble place :p

1- I talk a lot, and elaborate when there's no need too! Like now when I said I talk a lot that would've been enough, but no I had to keep on going! I can do that forever you know! Ok I'll stop now :p

2- I have 7 followers and I suspect that 2 of them followed me by mistake and they don't know how to unfollow :p

3- I post about what matters to me, the boring details of my life, rather than posting about what matters to the masses.

4- I sound annoying. In fact, I am annoying!

5- I don't advertise myself. I only comment on a couple of blogs regularly (only because you rock :*). I do comment on other blogs when they post something interesting, but most of the times I'm not that impressed! (Told you that I'm annoying :p)

6- I'm a girl but I don't do fashion *gasp*

7- I could post about gummy bears if I felt like it!

8- I write long meaningless posts.

9- I take crappy photos.

10- I say I a lot! And use way too many exclamation marks!! :p

11- I do a lot of complaining. Like right now I have a sore throat and I've been wanting to complain about how painful it is ever since I've started writing this :p

12- I post occasional awkward posts.

13- I get 50 page views.... In a good day :p

14- I could post daily for a week then post once a week after that.

15- Corny titles.

16- what you see is what you get.

17- I'm too lazy to make my own theme.

18- Nerdy header thingy!

19- I'm rude and anti social (to real people and internet people :p)

20- I don't do reviews and ads.

20 is a big number! I'm never doing this again!! So there you have it, enjoy :p

Monday, January 10, 2011

A Better Me, You Wish :p

We went to this ya5our thingy a couple of days ago, it was really fun. My joints still hurt but I'll survive :p
My aunt made 5obz ergag there and my cousin and I decided to be creative so we made a triple cheese 5obza. It was so good but so wrong at the same time!

Hello there, did you all miss me :p

Well there's been a couple of changes in my life style and that's why I haven't posted in a while. I've been sleeping at semi-normal hours, so no more posting at 3 AM. And I've just came back from my morning walk. I still haven't figured out what to wear when walking, no matter how light I dress it's still hot, silly me I thought it was winter! Next thing become a vegetarian then vegan (NEVER), lool just kidding!

I'm still not getting enough sleep (I wake up at 4 AM!!) So most of the day I'm on zombie mode, it's so funny (NOT!)!

I'm drinking milk too! This is big because I've been on calcium supplements since I could remember (we have a family history of osteoporosis) and I used to prefer the upset stomach over drinking milk, but I'm being open to changes for now, plus I'm out of supplements :p

Do I feel healthy? No :p
I seriously don't because I'm still consuming the same amount of junk that I'm used to. I'm doing this for my sanity really rather than anything else! You see, walking releases my happy hormones, and by sleeping at normal hours I'm regaining some of my mental health. I'll have to adapt to posting in the morning now, mornings suck!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Shit, Piss, and Snot!

I hate cats and cat pictures too, but I'm not in the mood to look for something else!

Have I ever told you how much I hate kids? Well, I feel like I haven't said it enough! I just put my nephew to sleep and let me tell you I'm too pissed off to be relieved.

It's not my problem that I'm not mommy material. I don't care that kids don't ask for me when they need someone to take care of them. I'm just not a care giver! I'd rather eat fire than make a brat go to bed. I'd jump off the roof to not change a diaper. I'll do anything to not stay alone with anyone who can't clean their own ass.

I'm tired, cranky, and fed up. If you want to have kids it's your loss, just don't leave those bastards with me! It's been a very lousy day and I just want to sleep it off!

Monday, January 3, 2011

I'm 1 and 1 Week :D

I've turned 1 (well my blog did! But we're this close :p) a week ago but I've been too lazy to mention it until yesterday. I didn't feel that I've changed much but after reading some of my old posts I realised that I used to be nice! It took me some time to come out of my shell and start insulting you :p

Now that I'm a year older I'd like to tell you what you should expect to read here:
1- Expect me to not make sense.
2- Expect crapy photos.
3- Expect me to bore you with my baking adventure (how do you like my burger now Vainglorious! :p).
4- Expect me to be rude and opinionated.
5- Expect sexual content and vulgar language.
6- Expect me to complain and ramble endlessly.
7- Occasional wisdom might be hidden between the lines.
8- Expect to hear about my cycle, if I'm late, when I'm PMSing, heavy flow days... Etc.
9- Expect more lists
10- Expect to read about my doubts, frustrations, depression, tears and laughter. In short, expect to read about me.

That's not much to expect right! Well expect to read more of the shit that you've already been reading. I guess I didn't need a list :p

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Away We Go

I've always felt envious, even if a little, of loving families. Those families who plan to have babies and have them be an extension of their love. The families with kids that talk about their parents with a spark in their eyes, pride, and utter adoration.

I've just watched "Away We Go" a movie about a couple who are expecting a baby and looking for a perfect place to live... Looking for a home. When I read the description I wasn't at all impressed! Any movie that revolves around a baby is a movie that I wouldn't want to watch. Fortunately there was nothing else to watch so I had to watch it, and it was such a beautiful movie.

I don't know if I found it so sweet because I'm feeling all motherly and stuff, or because I was starting to change my views about such magical bonds. When you're rarely exposed to love and adoration, it's easy to convince yourself that such emotions are overrated and made up. Whoever said that seeing is believing might have been right all along! I think that I've seen it enough now to believe that there's hope, that it's ok to have faith in humanity. I've seen real people with sparks in their eyes and that's what made me believe.

That doesn't change anything though! Don't worry I'm not gonna turn all nice and normal and emotional on you. I still don't do love, it's just not for me! I was just saying that it's there for other people to enjoy :)

On another note. I've been blogging for a year and one week now! Wow who would've thought!! I thought that I'd make a fuss about turning 1, but it's really not that big of a deal! I started blogging to mourn the loss of my grandma and the end of an awkward relationship. I'm glad that a year later I'm talking about love :)
I'd love to thank you all for reading my crap. Your words, whether good or bad, helped me grow and find other sorts of shit to complain about :p

Sleep Sucks!

I'm having sleep issues, it's either I'm getting plenty or too little! In an effort to fix my sleeping pattern to somewhat normal, I managed to ruin it even more (didn't think that was possible!). Sleeping from 1-4 AM is not enough! And to top it all, I managed to hurt my back while taking that stupid nap!

Ok I'm done complaining for now! I'm only writing this to fight the urge to handle my extremely moist chocolate cake while it's still warm! As you can see I've already started poking at it which made it crumble :(
I didn't feel like frosting it all the way, but now I have to hide the ugliness!

Fifth gear suck! Those guys are nerdy and not funny, unlike top gear's cast!! Discovery channel is too nerdy to be watched first thing in the morning. This is me trying not to complain :p

Ok I give up! I'm going to go ruin that cake :D

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Go Ahead and Celebrate!

Mesho's making me watch Avatar :s
I don't understand what the fuss is all about! It's so boring and blue! Just another war movie and I'm not into that sort of crap.

Do you know what will do us good? We should stop creating crappy movies about what we should do and what should happen. We should stop watching movies with perfect endings. It's just sad that we're so unsatisfied with the life that we have so we survive by relaying on make-believe happiness. Instead of focusing on what could be fixed, we're focusing on enhancing what's not broken.

If we stopped for a while and thought of the lands that could use those millions spent on stupid dreams. Think about how a fairytale might just come true for millions of people in need. do you really think that watching a picture that would make you feel bad about war for a full 5 minutes is the answer? Well done really! How humane of you! Go ahead and give yourself a pat on the back for feeling for someone other than yourself!

What a selfcentered generation, I'm ashamed of being a part of you! I too dream of a perfect ending, social justice, and the end of all wars. But just like all of you I'm not taking any action... How sweet of me. Aren't I just great?

Go enjoy your new years celebrations. I'll go bake cookies for my family that can already afford to eat. And let's hear of the unfortunate's struggle and feel sorry for a long 5 minutes taken out of our precious lives. We're that considerate after all!