Monday, December 13, 2010

Why I Should Stop Watching E!

How depressing is that dinner? It gets even worse because I was watching yummy food on food network while eating that!

I've never been so fond of TV until I graduated. Now that there's not much to do, I'm either reading and watching TV or sleeping and watching TV (I sleep with one eye open :p).

You'd think that a smart person such as myself (shut up I'm smarter than you all and I can prove it!!) Would be watching something of value, but nooooo! I had to be addicted to stupid E! *pukes*

You'd also think that I'm enjoying it if I keep watching, but nooo! I hate it!! I keep ranting about how stupid those people are, how retarded the shows are, and how dumb I am for watching! My family and friends are so sick of this phase because I've been babbling nonstop on my FB account about how E! is making me sick! Examples of what I've lately been posting:

"that really loud chika on modern family's very hot!! every time she speaks (more like scream) I just go ehm I'll stop now :p" < that might be the nicest thing that I ever wrote :p

"I don't like Heidi Klume (is it written this way? I couldn't bother googling it!), she's sooooooo blah!"

"I'm sick of ppl idolizing Taylor Swift (why do I know how to spell her name!!). when is she gonna screw up and make ppl hate her! I hate how girly and put together she is! give her some cocaine! girl release a sex tape or be human already!!!! could you tell that she irritates me?" Loool I can't spell to save my life, and I usually have to google names to get them right!

I'm so bubbley, aren't I? That's it for today, thank you come again :p


q8othug said...

spicy instant noodle + can of tuna = best dinner ever.

yes. E! can be addictive even for myself (of course we boys watch it for a whole different reasons >:> )
so you should shift to something else

enjoy the anal bleaching loooooooool

Sumaiah said...

What's with you ppl and instant noodles! It's crap (I shouldn't say that but that's how I really feel about it!), it's depressing, it's the exact opposite of comfort food!! I felt sorry for myself as I sat and ate that!

What! You watch it because of hot girl and occasional nudity, I watch it because of hot girls and occasional nudity!! I should definitely stop overdosing on it though. My IQ has already dropped so low, I can no longer multi task!!

Someone's been watching too much extreme Hollywood and Dr.90210 I see :p

Anonymous said...

I hate the lipton thing!!
And yea your dinner is very depressing lol
Prove that your smarter then me lol
Im not saying im smart but just prove it ;p


Agonized Vamp said...

What ya said 'bout Taylor is totally true, way3 girly girl zyada 3n elozoum @_@

Ambrosial said...

LOL! You just described my Junior year in Uni. ;p ishfena 3la el instant noodles?! I enjoy it when there is nothing to create from the pantry or the fact that I don't have cash to order! lol sad very very sad! ;p

I thank God that my Showtime subscription has ended! Coz I used to watch E! all the time! Very shallow I have to say... I miss The Daily 10! lol ;p

Sumaiah said...

Why! The ice tea's awesome!
I'm smarter than you... There you have it :p

Yeah we hate her, she's no goood :p

Exactly! You just don't eat it unless there's nothing better around!

Without my E! I'll be less cynical!! That's just not normal :p

Anonymous said...

Hahaha what a prove sumaiah ;p
Very smart ;)(not kidding)