Saturday, December 25, 2010

These are A Few of My Favorite Things

he wrote the last paragraph because i called him a hypocrite once for making me take an exam when i wasn't feeling good because he had to abide by rules, while he tolerates cheating which is unfair to us (nerds)! lets say that he didn't appreciate that :p

I love The Sound of the Music and I've been listening to this song (the one in the title duh!) a lot lately. So, these are a few of my favorite things:

1- Hanging out with Noro: she's my only close friend and I love her to death. I haven't seen her since ages though, because she has MS and she's having an episode and she doesn't like people seeing her at her worst. Please pray for her she's currently in the hospital finishing her treatment course.

2- Reading my recommendation letters: doctors loved me (well most of them!) And they didn't find it inconvenient to express it in writing. There's nothing better to do when your feeling down than reading other people saying how great you are :p

3- Mesho: she's my baby, my bitch, my inspiration, my reason to live, and my partner in crime. She's having a bad day today! Hope you feel better love :*

4- BBQing: you can't go wrong with burnt food and good company! Combined with an aching body the next day, it's just the recipe for happiness :p

5- Baking: it's a good way of relieving stress. And who can say no to cookies and molten!

6- Long baths: I could seriously live in a bath tub!

7- Food: if you don't know that food is one of my favorite things, then you don't know me!

8- Hand Rosy (card game, that's what my aunts call it!): you need to be smart to play hand, unlike stupid Uno which totally depends on luck!

9- Traumatizing my nephews and baby cousins: kids are stupid and it's impossible to hate making them cry! At least to me :p

10- Dancing: I'm a bad dancer but that doesn't mean that I can't dance! It so uncomplicated and natural. It's a good "pick me up" method :)

Now tell me some of your favorite things so I could make fun of you :p


The Stig said...

Speeding : I love seeing the needle all the way up then down again to the bottom doing more than 300..
My driving record was 321 km, my record as a passenger was 342.

Photography : I love carrying my camera with me all the time, I made people love taking pictures cuz I make them look good through my humble lens.

Hanging out : I have few friends that I just love spending time with.. Sometimes we travel and just sit in the hotel and laugh.

My car Magazines : I am telling you my age, but I have magazines since 1992. I still have them all.

My job : eeeeee my job. Moty qahar.

Many bagel ba3ad la ta7sedeeny :p

Agonized Vamp said...

LMAO, Sting's last fav thing cracked me xDD

Luv ya too, can't imagine life witjout ya :* <3
Sorry 'bout yesterday :$

The Stig said...

My name is not Sting!!!

I am The Stig

Agonized Vamp said...

Lol, 'kay sorry atob, ma a3edha xD

Sumaiah said...

The Stig:
Owh I forgot to point out that I sleep whenever I want and wake up whenever I want. I also have the choice of not leaving my bed. Ahhhhhhhhhhh life as a useless unemployed newly graduate :D
Who's your daddy now! :p

Oo go easy on Mesho or I'll slap you!

Yeah take his side it's not as if I tolerated you for 19 years! Rotten spoiled brat -___-


Ambrosial said...

Interesting :)
Hmmm Well here is a few of mine..

1. Long walks on the beach or out of town!
2. Food! I watch cooking channels when I'm full! That tells u how much I'm passionate about food ;p

3. Driving recently! I never enjoyed it before, now I do, but i know in few months it'll be just means to an end ;p

4. Long Showers, that's how I deal with my problems.. The steam does the magic ;p

5. Hanging out with Vainglorious! Haven't seen her for a month! I miss her :(

6. Roasting chestnuts on coal, cardamom flavored milk and BBQ in the chalet *sigh*

Sumaiah said...

Seems like we share some of our favorite things :D

Hope that you and Vainglorious will soon be reunited *hugs*

The Stig said...

Forget to tell you that I don't have to ask for money from parents :P

I can buy what I want, not only what I need.

I Have a life.

I have a career and a future

And I do sleep!

Sumaiah said...

I have a saving account I don't have to ask for money from anyone! Still people love to give me money and buy me stuff! Who's your daddy now :p

I have a life and maybe it's boring and uneventful bs its that way only because I'm choosing not to spice it up. I had plenty of drama in the past couple of years so some boredom might do me good.

Try again buddy :p

The Stig said...

I'll get to retire first, and blog while you work.

I travel whenever I want.
I come back home any time, no one ask me where are you! it is too late ?

Sumaiah said...

I wouldn't want to retire! And I can easily blog at work :p

I'm not much of a traveler and I want my next traveling destination to be my new home! I'm saving myself for the real thing.... Travel-wise :p

I'll be able to do that soon inshallah :D

You can convince yourself that your life is better than mine, and it's ok if you even believe it! My life might not be mich but I'm ok with it for now :)

Stop being such a man and accept it!

Kuwaitiful said...

Hermmm, One of my favorites is waking up super early for no apparent reason, around 5a.m, then waiting an extra hour and going to macdonalds for breakfast.

Ahh, missing those moments, haven't happened lately.

Sumaiah said...

Mcdonalds breakfast does have this effect on ppl :D

That's one more reason to go pay the nearest Mcdonalds an early visit :)