Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sleepy Congrats

This is my major sheet, I had it since I was in my second year at college. It used to look better, but I've been neglecting it lately. Can you tell? :p

Ok. So today I went to the GUST vs. KU debate. It wasn't as civilized as it should've been, but some good arguments were discussed. I won't go into who was better, but it's safe to say that both teams could use some improvement. This is not me saying that they were bad, I'm just saying that they can do better :)

Since I used to be (I almost wrote I am! I feel ancient) a KU student, I'd love to say that our team rocked! You guys are our stars. Thank you for representing us the way you did, and better luck next time :*

On a different note, I've watch 10 episodes of greys anatomy (I haven't been in the mood to start watching season 7 until now) instead of going to sleep yesterday, and I think I had like 4 hours of sleep and I'm tired as hell! It's funny that I'm so dependent on sleep right now, when it used to be a rare event before! I guess I'm making up for lost time or something :p


The Reigh said...

First of all, I think I saw you there, I was trying to see if it was you or not :P then it was confirmed!
It was nerve wracking :{
and sleep? =Good

Sumaiah said...

You did! I was hiding in the back at7al6am :p
Sero has a big mouth :p

I could only imagine! But you all handled it well :D
Sleep has become my best friend lately. I'd sleep with sleep if it was a person :p