Friday, December 3, 2010

Nothing Can Hurt Me Unless I Let It!

Teasing Mesho is one of my favorite hobbies. You can feel the love there, very intense :p

I just came home from a girls night in and I'm feeling pretty good :)
I have to pee though! (I'm blaming Vainglorious for that!)

Okaaaaay! I really have nothing to write about! I just wanted to share my good mood *flashes a shy smile* :p

Been watching tooooo much E! lately and I think that my IQ's dropping!
But I also started reading again, so I guess this might help balancing my extremely high IQ :p

I'm currently reading "The Help". When I first started reading it, I though that I might not go through! Call me a snob but I'd rather have my novels written in proper english! There are parts of the novel that are written in poor black people english. I know that it's written that way to serve a purpose, but I also know for sure that I'm not a fan of that! I'm loving the story line so far though, which is why I'm still reading it :)

What else what else! I don't know! I've been through plenty since I last posted but I don't know if I want it written down! I think posting about failing and shit makes it more real... you know! Whatever!

The real reason to why I'm posting this is that I want to remember this feeling when I open my blog. Not the feeling that I had when I wrote the last one!

I really love life, and I love the people that I'm surrounding myself with(including you my lovelies :*). It still gets lonely sometimes, seeing that I'm not one of the priorities in any of those peoples lives! But it's ok I guess since I brought this upon myself! I'm really blessed though. Knowing that I'll have people by my side if I asked them to be is more than enough for me right now :)


Slashy said...

LOL @ the teasing..... me and my friend did this to her nephew kanat 7a6a 9orat Enrique w shabayna 3alaiha it's fun

glad u had fun baby =** 3asa doom u feel good

Anonymous said...

Enshalla doom u feel good :p
Allah y5leelch e5tch


q8othug said...

good :>

The Reigh said...

Awww yesh just holler and I'll appear at your side! :P and kick the butts of whoever doesn't show :p lool

and enough E! for you :p it always makes me feel stupider and light headed after it O_o then I have to go check if I'm blonde..loool

Vainglorious said...

Lool keep teasing her aham shay ina ur having fun ;)

3asa doum your in a good mood, life is good (sometimes ;p) enjoy it ;*

Sumaiah said...

Looool bs ana oo Mesho kella chethy enta7acha bs ndager eba3a'6 :p

Thank you baby :*
Ameeen :*

I told you that I'll be just fine :)

The Reigh:
Looooool I like the attitude!

I can't help it I'm hooked!! It started with Chelsea Lately and Dr. 90210 and it kinda got out of control :p

Loool yes it's my only joy in life right now! :p

Yeah I know :)

Ambrosial said...

Teasing is fun! Years go by and you still remember those moments! :) I'm glad ur feeling good, 3sallah ytamim inshallah ;*

Mesho said...

Tbeen a8ool 78 Saro 3n blogch 3shan etshoof el.sab, that's what ya want, right? :p

Anonymous said...

أكملت بعض النقاط الجيدة هناك. قمت بالبحث عن موضوع وجدت أن غالبية الأشخاص الذين سيكون لديهم نفس الرأي مع بلوق الخاص بك.

Sumaiah said...

Loool yeah I wouldn't know what to do with life if I had no one to tease :p
Thank you baby :*

Shut up enzain! Unless you desire my foot up ur ass!!

ما فهمت شنو قصدت بهالتعليق، أسفة!
Are you using google translate?
أسعدني تواجدك هنا :D