Thursday, December 30, 2010

I'm Posting Because I Felt Like it!

So this is what I made! I know! It's not just cookies, it's brownie cookies! Then I decided to sandwich it up with some vanilla ice cream and baaam instant sugar high! It's like I died and went to PMS heaven. If it wasn't for the fear of feeling too house wifey I would've posted the recipe. But you know, I have a reputation that have already suffered enough :p

Ok now I'll stop with the cookie rambling. So when is the new year? Is it tomorrow or the day after tomorrow? What day is it today actually? And is there 30 or 31 days in this month? Wait let me check my calender! Ok, no need to answer anything, I just figured it out.

I've been sleeping too much lately and I think that my organs are shutting down. As you can read I've lost the major functioning part of my brain!

Been cleaning up my e-mail and I found stuff that depressed me. I should seriously stop digging up shit!

Moving on! What are you doing on new years? I'm doing nothing, surprise surprise :p


q8othug said...

join the club

The Stig said...

I will go New Year run, hopefully no police cars chases us and we spent the night behind bars.

Sumaiah said...

The awesome club.

The Stig:
Be careful out there and don't kill anyone! New years in jail, that would be fun :p

Vainglorious said...

I will be thinking of you ;p

Sumaiah said...

A5jal ana chethy :$ :p

I missed you like hell, el7emdelellah 3alla esalama :*

Anonymous said...

Hello, thought I would finally sign up to forum although I have been following Dennis for a long time on the boards. Well anyway it is nice to now offically be a part of the team and I look forward to participating on the forum.

Regards. William.