Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I Google, Thus I'm Alive

I was bored so I google "I'm bored what should I do?" And I found a site that has useless games and this one's my favorite :p

My right thumb's been twitching for a couple of days now and it's really starting to annoy me. I've also been lethargic and forgetful, so I started obsessing about it (that's what I do, I worry too much!). A normal person would forget all about it or go to the doctor, but I think that we've already established that I'm not normal! I tend to google my symptoms and it's been quite accurate in the past. This time I have answers ranging from vitamin D3 deficiency to brain tumor, so I guess I'll have to ask one of my sisters or even go to the hospital :s

What do you do when you're bored?


The Stig said...

Read my car magazines
Go to my favorite websites
Edit photos
Delete contacts
Pick my nose

Sumaiah said...

Pick your nose! Interesting :p

Godless Saudi said...

The electric doorbell was invented by Joseph Henry in 1831.

Agonized Vamp said...

DooDa, ya have every single vitamin deficiency, ya dun eat anythin' -_-

Loool, ur followers r crazy xD
And,The StIG, I like drawin' ppl pickin' their noses, would ya like a portrait? XD

The Reigh said...

When I'm bored, I complain about being bored until someone entertains me :P
entertain myself by watching comedies, romantic comedies, and horror movies all in one day...eat as much junk food as possible and laugh :p

call almost everyone on your contact list and ask them what they're doing and why :p
Yes...I annoyed people with that bs it was fun (A) ahem...*end hyper rant*

Ambrosial said...

Watch TV
Check out blogs
Eat my boredom away! :D
Bitch about being bored to Vain.
Cruise with music on and sunroof open :)

Sumaiah said...

Well, good for you for knowing that! :p

No I don't! I'm awesome, I'm born with enough vitamins to last me a lifetime :p
Yeah, my ppl rock :D

The Reigh:
Looool your more annoying than my sisters, and they're really annoying!! :p
Missed you so much baby :*
Hugs back

I do some of those things but they depress me and make me even more bored!! But if it works with you then stick with it :D