Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Here Go Hell Come

They changed the packaging and the name of my favorite ice cream! It used to be Superman, that was cool. Now it looks so childish I hate it :(

Eating sweets on decayed teeth is the worst thing a person could do! And I do that almost every day :s

I really need to go see a dentist but I don't want to permanently traumatise anyone! Wallah it's that bad!

Now that the year's coming to an end I'm having this impulses to do something right. So what clinic do you go to for dental care? And do you recommend it?


q8othug said...

i go to abha clinic

lacated in baind el gar on the same street of villa fairooz

they are okay i guess. i usually go there every odd month for routine cleaning

Godless Saudi said...

if they don't give you an x-ray screening the moment you enter the clinic. Its a fraud .

Sumaiah said...

Thank you, I'll definitely give them a call :)

I'll keep that in mind.