Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Good, The Bad, But Why The Ugly!!

This is a very cute picture of me, Mesho and a couple of my cousins looking like children of the corn in matching ugly dresses! I'm the one with plastic flowers growing out of my head in case you haven't noticed my dashing beauty :p

I'll stop bragging about how perfect a baby I was, and will get to the subject.
I decided to wear 7ejab at a very young age (I was 12 I guess!), but I never regretted that decision. I do admit that those "experimental" years were hard on the eye, and I will be lying if I told you that I didn't hate the look! It still felt good at the time because I wanted it and I did it for myself and not any one else.

We all had our ugly days I guess (if you didn't go through the ugly phase, then you're not welcomed in here anymore!:p). And it's ok because you managed to overcome it, right? Well think again my dear!

While I'm one of the people who loves to be pictured, because I believe that I'm the most gorgeous person alive (feel free to worship me!:p). I unfortunately loved to be pictured even on those ugly years. Now I know that it's so hard to believe that I was ever anything but perfect (says the overweight girl!), but do try to get over the shock! :p

Ok all jokes aside. The only thing worse than going through the phase is documenting that phase. And what's even worst is having evil family members blackmailing you with them damned pictures (thank god there are no videos, or none that I know of!)!! My gaol is to burn all of the evidence. Wish me luck with my mission impossible! :p
If you all act good and make mama proud, I'll post one ugly picture for your entertainment! So stay tuned I guess :p


Anonymous said...

Good luck on the mission impossible lol

Now I know that it's so hard to believe that I was ever anything but perfect "(says the overweight girl!)"

you are not an overweight girl -.- your normal ! as i see from the pics ;p


Sumaiah said...

Loool thank you :*

My BMI begs to differ! I'm not just overweight, I'm obese! There's no point in denying what's there! But thank you honey for saying that :*

Ambrosial said...

Aw! So cute! at3ab 3la elnathrat! lool ;p

I've always thought that we'll be experiencing the whole nine yards when get married and start family! But, unfortunately we had our fair share in an early age! lol maybe its for the best...

Sumaiah said...

I know! It almost makes want to have a girl because she might look that cute! But then I realized that babies poop. It's such a turn off!

Maybe we won't get depressed when we get old and saggy because we've been through worse :p

Ambrosial said...

I wanna have a girl that looks just like me too!!! LOOL ;P

Yeah! That's how this world works Semo! lool ;p

The Reigh said...

Awwww you adorable little angel! <3 loool (yes aren't I just the kiddy lover)
and yep...we all went through the ugly phase...I BURNT ALL OF MY EVIDENCE :P hahahaha

good luck on your mission obi one..I shall be awaiting your return :P

Sumaiah said...

Loool glad we think the same!

You need a pet name! Give me something to work with :p

Little Reigh:
Aren't I the cutest!

Ur so lucky!! I hope that I too could burn them all out of existence too!

The Reigh said...

LooooL I shall help you on your mission then :p hahahah

trust took a month of seeking them out and burnt it all when my parents traveled (A)

Vainglorious said...

LooooL the ugly years!! Don't remind me ;p

Mesho said...

Kyaaaa, fdaitny ayanneen~ ana a7lakom x3 <<gets kicked

Sumaiah said...

Little Reigh:
Yes I'd appreciate the help since my pictures are scattered everywhere!!:(

If only we can erase them!

Maybe if you repeat it enough times then you'll believe it!:p