Thursday, December 30, 2010

Baking Bug

I've been having this urge to bake something for a couple of days now but I'm not sure what to make! I'm so sick of making cookies and brownies and every other thing that I've made before. I want to make something new, something challenging, something big!

I've been checking out new recipes and it's like I want to make them but I don't really have the energy to take action. I spend about 16 hours in bed divided between trying to sleep, sleeping, and not wanting to get out of bed! Then I go and spend the hours I'm not in bed by staring at the wall with the tv on!

Maybe I should challenge myself to make something new (pumpkin cake?) by the end of the week and post pictures of it here. That should get me off of my ass because nothing else is working!

It's winter, I'm PMSing, that's what's wrong! You better not mess with me :p


q8othug said...

*backs out slowly*

Agonized Vamp said...

Ya didn't gimme ur list!
SEND IT NOW wala ma ra7 ayeblch shay lama ard el.bayt

Sumaiah said...

You can run but you can't hide :p

Maybe I didn't send it cuz I knew that you wouldn't know how to find the stuff that I want! -_-