Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Bad Movie, A Fa9la, And A Souring Headache

I woke up really early (normal people early, not Sumaiah timing early :p) to go out with Mesho and her friends. We left home at 10 but got to 360 at nearly 12 because we had to register 3amoor for 8odorat (I had to deal with people first thing in the morning :s).

We went to watch "Life As We Know It" which is something that I'll never choose to watch, but it wasn't my choice (it was to early to object, my brain was still sleeping). The movie sucked as hell! It was sooooo bad I could've puked! Bs I had fun, I needed to go out :)

Afterwards, we went to my aunt's house for fo6oor. It was my cousin's birthday so we went to 360 again to celebrate. Picture 7 people cramped in a car and you'll have a visual image of what's to come :p
I remembered reading about a BB caribou offer (every thursday of this month at 360, avenues, and two other places but I'm not sure :p) so we went there to check it out. So the seven of us went there and got our vouchers and covers. You see, individually we're very loud and annoying, so combined together we're just despicable! I thought that people would boo us out of the place! We would've kicked their asses if they did, but still I thought that they might do it :p

Anyways, when we left 360 we still didn't want to go home so we went to elba7ar *hearts*. We were screaming and laughing throughout the ride. Then we went to el7ob because we felt like it! And I wanted to drool over motorcycle guys (two types of guys I can't resist are married guys and guys with motorcycles!)! It's safe to say that we went crazy, but that was only because my male cousins were with us (we all know what could happen to a car full of screaming and laughing hot (shut up!) girls :p).

When we finally decided to go back to my aunts house, I was having the mother of all headaches :(
I just got home and I'm sleepy and in pain so I have the right to not make sense so shut up and read :p
Ok people the queen has to go have a bath and get some beauty sleep. Goodnight you all :*

Ow, I nearly forgot about it. Happy birthday Badrany, I love you you old hag :**


Ambrosial said...

LOOL! That was fun to read :D When u mentioned that u went to ur aunts house, for ur cousin's Birthday... I paused coz its my cousin's Birthday too! LOL ;P B3dain u ended it by saying "Badrany" that's when I figured we don't share the same cousin lool ;p

Glad u had fun ;) (Klish wla guys on motorcycles! Married b3d! lol ;p) zaydeen now on the 2nd ring road a.k.a "el7ub" coz winter is here, and they get to show off their leather jackets ;p

Godless Saudi said...

I just watched the trailer for "Life As We Know It" and .. wow I'd rather have an explosive diarrhea than watching this movie.

Happy KFC's day

q8othug said...

the happy mood dress looks good on you

keep wearing it :>

The Stig said...

It is a fun read, but I can't get e motorcycle. So I'll let you know when i get married ;p

Sumaiah said...

I meant for waking up early to be a one day event, but since I'm already awake I'll just grace u with half awake replies :p

Ashwa there's a name and a photo of me. If you didn't figure out if I was family or not yet, then I'm sorry to say that you're not the brightest :p

They were so hot I was going to die! Then we all agreed that Badoor should go get a motorcycle. He's married and if he owned a motorcycle it'll be safe. I'm not going to throw myself at him because he's Badrany, it'll be like incest or something :s

I know! It was very annoying and predictable and nasty! Ew I'm having flashbacks *puckes*

KFC gives me diarrhea :p

Owwwwwwh! Are you going all soft on me now? :p
I'll hold on to it for as long as I can :)

The Stig:
Good to know! Cars are boring! Dude you need to switch to motorcycles, it's badass and yummy! Lool let me know once that happen :p

The Reigh said...

loooool *hugs the grumpy child*
poor you :( I hate dealing with people in the morning! it makes me prone to picturing different ways of slapping them in my head :P

and that movie made me laugh, well maybe it was coz me and my friends were fighting over the guy, throughout the entire movie :P

*hugs Hugs*

Sumaiah said...

Lool it's a miracle I didn't do any slapping :p

That guy wasn't even hot! And the doctor looked and sounded like a charming serial killer! And I hate Katherine Heigl! I also hate stupid romance! And kids! And movies revolving around romance and kids! I should probably stop :p

Thanks for the hugs baby :*
*hugs back*

The Reigh said...

LOOOOL!!! but he was TOTALLY HOT :P despite the so called thinning hairline :p and the doctor was definitely fugly :P I love her but sometimes her humor is a little dry :p bs still cute!!! :D

BABIES ARE ADORABLE!!! I'm a sappy romance lover :p guilty as charged (A)

welcoooome :D

Kuwaitiful said...

you can't resist married guys? whaaa

so a guy shows up and tells you his married, that's instant hotness now?

at least now I know how men marry upto 4 wives.. they start by finding girls who find married guys hot *cough

either way sounds like a really fun night. I was at 360 yesterday and there weren't any noisy groups. I just assumed you were back home with noodles and some not so icy tea.

Sumaiah said...

The Reigh:
He was not! An I do agree that there was no receding hairline, but that's where the agreeing stops :p

You love your romance and I love my cynicism and drama. Lawla el2athwa8 la barat elsela3 (I think!) :)

It doesn't work that way honey! And I'll never be a second, a third, a fourth wife, or a first one for all that matter. I don't share! I never did it with my toys, so why should I start doing it with my men!!

That was 3 days ago, you were 2 days late I'm afraid :p

The Stig said...

I'd rather die in a car doing 300 km/h rather than doing 60 km/h in a bike.