Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Baby Girls Night In

i didn't make her sleep here, she wanted to!

Mesho has a midterm tomorrow so I made her a giant cookie for motivation:p

Sometimes when I get so close too dying of boredom, I steel my baby cousins for a sleep over.

I don't like kids really, but my cousins are so stupid and they adore me (I'm not kidding!). And since I miss having people who look at me like I'm the best thing that ever walked this earth, I sometimes love having them around. I can be nice if I wanted to. And those girls just need someone to tell them that they're just perfect the way they are. I do admit that I'm doing this to prevent them from becoming me! I'm just that nice, what can I say :p

I might have good intentions, but I can't help but be a bad influence on those little girls! You see, I'm not mommy material! I expose those girls to bad language, violence, and sexual material even when I try to do it right! Last night I tried to watch Disney channel with them, but I felt like I was gonna die if it lasted longer!! At least I'm learning! This time I didn't let them watch Dr. 90210 like the last time :p

And it doesn't stop there! I don't ever remember that I fed them anything healthy!! I did make them eggs and turkey sandwiches a couple of times, but it was way after their bedtime!!

I also tend to keep them up all night so they won't wake me up early!! OMG I'm awful, why do they beg to come back!!


Anonymous said...

Cookies looking yummy (A)
And this girl on the baby bed LOOOOOL
7laaila she wont sleep well


The Reigh said...

Abeee a big cookie for my debate *pouts*

Sumaiah said...

Thank you :*
Loool that's the oldest of the sleep over group!! They went crazy a9lan I couldn't say no!

Little Reigh:
I would've made you some have you told me earlier! I just woke up *yawns*
Yallah next time inshallah :**

Ambrosial said...

LOOL @The bed pic. I look at that giant cookie and think of me next to it, with a liter of milk on the side! ;P

Those kids love to come back, coz ur different from their parents! Kids adapt to change ;p Klish wla Dr. 90210! Haha so did they learn about cup sizes and breast augmentation?! lool ;p

The Reigh said...

hmph :p fine I'll let it slide this time :P heheheh

Sumaiah said...

I think I banned you from cookies at one time, didn't I?

I guess! And maybe some hazard wouldn't stain them for life :p
Looool I'm not sure if they enjoyed it as much as I did :p

Little Reigh:
Thank you oh kind one. What would I have done have you not granted me your forgiveness :p
My sister studies in kaifan, I could make you some for your birthday (it's coming up right?) If you want :)

Vainglorious said...

*walks in with a giant spork*

Hands off the cookie people! It's miiiine!!!

Well good for you educated these kids! They need to know what goes on the real world and there is no better way to learn it than with Dr. 90210 ;p

Sumaiah said...

Easy girl, there's enough cookies for you all :)
I'm going soft, aren't I?

Loooooool yes I agree! So I'm doing them a favour. That i can live with :p

Mesho said...

Heeeeeeeeey, a9lan the cookie was 4 me, and t3shayt + trayagt feha o 5l9t-ha klh >:D

O ee! Madry shaku e7bon eyon, kela en3ayeb 3lahom o ma yaklon ely y6b5ouna 2a5r shay xD

The Reigh said...

Allaaaaaa! abeeeee <3 hehehe yeah it ish coming up :p

and I study in Kaifan too!

and Vainglorious...THE COOKIE IS MINE!!!! *stomps foot childishly* hahhaha

Slashy said...

LOL she looks liks Shrek 3ala elbed ;P

Good luck Mesho =** wil cookies yummy

tekfain who loves kids!! a7la shay puppies they never grow up wala change in size heh

Sumaiah said...

Stop telling ppl that I can only cook for you or I'll totally stop :p

Little Reigh:
I know dumbo! That's why I told you that Mesho goes there, so I can plan a cookie delivery on your birthday if you want! So when is it exactly? And will that be cool with you?

And please stop fighting over the damned cookie!! :p

Loooool good tashbeeh :p

The thing is, I hate animals too :s