Wednesday, December 22, 2010

10 General Obsessions

the magic solution :p

This is my list of general obsessions so be prepared :p

1- Ultimate Survival (a show on Discovery): this Bear guy is such a turn on. He's not hot or anything but I can't help but get excited (I'm trying to be lady-like :p) when his show starts! If I ever was lost I'd rather do it around him because a) he'll get my ass out of trouble, and b) I wouldn't mind hanging around him :p

2- Eyelash curler: it's just awesome whether it's used alone or with ke7l and mascara. I have tiny eyes so I need those curlers to give the illusion of big. It really does make a difference! I think I lost mine though. I've been trying to find it today but it's nowhere to be found. That gives me another reason to go makeup shopping :p

3- E! Entertainment: what can I say!

4- Birthing videos: I'm sick I know! But it's not my problem that I find childbirth so sexy! And it's not because of some cheesy reason like the fact that it's the beginning of a new life bla bla bla.. No! It's because of the screaming, the sweating, the pain and the tension.. Ahhhhhh so hot! Don't look at me like that!
If someone found those videos I guess they'd think that I'm pregnant (which I'm not, believe me I know!). Let's hope that no one would ever go through my files :p

5- Motorcycles: they're just yummy and hot! I'm not gonna say more because I've already used up the horny card on the last obsession :p

6- Chelsea Handler: she's sooooooooo yummy! She's me but richer and more powerful! I love her *hearts*

7- Plastic surgery: need I say more! It's a blessing :p

8- Coverderm: it's a concealing foundation that you can find in any pharmacy. It's so heavy I'd never wear it on my face! I use it to cover up my scars and it works like magic. You can probably hide a penis with that thing, it's really that heavy!

9- Sex toys: I'm not going to get into details, and I shouldn't have to :p

10- Final Destination: ok it's not an obsession but I do enjoy watching it! I couldn't choose and 3amoor and I were watching it and laughing, so I thought why not! It's the perfect "cheer me up" movie. Its too stupid to be taken seriously.

I'm sleepy for some reason! But I'm too bored to go to sleep. Am I making any sense? Never mind, I don't even know why I asked this :p


The Stig said...

The guy from the ultimate servival show is the only man alive that is manlier then me :P

and birth vids ?
what were you thinking :P

Sumaiah said...

Keep your hands off of my bear!
Get a motorcycle and you might have a chance against him! :p

I don't know! My mind has a mind of it's own :p

Ambrosial said...

LOOOOL @ no.8
and EW! with the birthing videos!!! I'm guessing when ur turn comes, will see how hot it is! LOOL ;P U'll probably be shooting the footage! That may be physically impossible, so use a tripod ;p

Sumaiah said...

Mo ew it's different :p
I'll be triple as hot as I already am! But I hate kids, and I don't want any of my own. Will you take my pretend child? :p

Slashy said...

LOL u cracked me up im sick too bs agoolich bil email ;P

I love u baby!!!

Coverdem hatha lazem ajarbah my mom allah yer7amha kanat it7eb hal marka

Sumaiah said...

I aim to please :D
Loool I'm glad that I'm not alone, yallah I'm waiting for that E-mail :p

It's a good concealer, your mom (Allah yer7amha) had good taste :)

Love you too baby :*