Tuesday, December 21, 2010

10 Food Obsessions

I think that I'm going to have 2 lists of my obsessions, one for food (that's what I do best :p) and one for other stuff. It's just because when I sat and listed 10 things I'm obsessed with, 7 of the 10 were of food! So I'll just start with the food obsessions:

1- Shrimps: I wasn't much of a seafood fan until recently. So now I feel that I have plenty of seafood to eat to catch up on lost times :p
Shrimps are my favorite seafood, directly followed by crabs. I still don't do fish, it smells so fishy :p

2- Burgers: I like them in all sizes and types. Cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, and most important of all, a huge beef patty. It's a classic couch potato food :p

3- Nachos: ultimate comfort food. Salty, cheesy, spicy, combined with some tasty sour cream. I could just die.

4- Activia fruit yogurt: even I manage to eat something healthy from time to time. This is my favorite healthy treat. I love the strawberry, raspberry, and mango flavors, but my favorite is strawberry.

5- Kaanlar's Telli Kashkaval cheese: it's a turkish cheese that you can find at your co-op. Grill it on your electric griller and you'll end up with a goowy and heavenly creamy flavor.

6- Mr. Backer's wara8 3enab: I'm addicted to wara8 3enab, but the problem is that my mom makes the worst! And I haven't found anyone who would just teach me how to make it. So I had to try lots and lots of restaurants and bakeries to choose my favorite (and I sure did enjoy it!). What makes it the best is that it's citrusy and spicy, it's just perfect.

7- Lasagna: I haven't found the perfect lasagna and that's why I'm obsessing about it! I know that I'm gonna end up trying to make it, but I'm too lazy to do so right now!

8- Popsicles: they're like childhood on a stick! They make me feel worm (m'6ay3a ha :p) and fuzzy inside. It's a funny thing..

9- Wasabi's beef noodles: I'm not big on the sushi habba but my sisters love japanese food. So I just had to find something that I'm ok with eating when we go to their favorite japanese restaurant. Their noodles is very good, I find myself craving it in the weirdest of times!

10- Co-op baked potato: I tried a lot of fancy baked potatoes, but I'll have to say that the gooweness of the co-op's baked potato puts it at number one.

If you want to recommend stuff for me to try, be my guest. But I'm extremely picky, so chances are I won't like it :p


The Stig said...

I don't know why I wrote this now.. But I will comment in the morning.. ;p

q8othug said...

here's my beef with the coop potatoes:

lemon? summaq ? ketchup and mayo ?!


lol, so i go there and ask the lovely "pilipino" lady for baked potatoes with a simple serving of butter, salt and pepper....

she knifes the potato in half and ads the mixture, then she obliterate the potato by mushing it from the inside into a gooey mass of disproportionate seasoned lumps of potato then she ads another half potato on top !


Ambrosial said...

Hi! I'm obsessed with food too! Pleasure meeting u ;p
I do the same thing with the Kashkaval cheese! I love it!

Activia Fruit Yogurt, Strawberry flavor! My big brother got me hooked on it ; p

Waraq 3enab is done best home made! That's what I have noticed, it tastes better when its done by family or friends! Just from my experience. You could try The Danish Bakery's Waraq 3enab, in Yarmouk :) I like their sandwiches too.

A perfect Lasagna? Try Pizza Express, I remember enjoying it! Another good one would be surprisingly Pizza Hut! ;p and I liked also The Baking Tray's Lasagna :)

3awafii ;)

Sumaiah said...

The Stig:
Oooooh suspense :p

That lady's doing it all wrong! Ask her to mush it all then add the butter and the seasoning!
You take your potato with NO CHEESE! Dude that's just awful :p
Don't be such a cry baby, girls don't like that :p

We should totally start a fan club! :p
I've already tried the danish bakery's wara8 3enab. It was good but not the best! I used to be addicted to their cheesecake. But I made too many cheesecakes and I no longer like it!

Pizza hut's lasagna suck!! It's super bland. I don't like pizza express but for the perfect lasagna, I'll give it another try :p
And I'll totally give the baking tray a try, I've never ate there!

Thanks for the recommendation baby :*

Slashy said...

I'm obsessed with cornflaes out of the blue. Madry shil salfa....

I'm obsessed with food too.. I can never go on a diet :P

AMANI said...

Sumaiah babe we have the same obsessions I have to admit now after reading this post I send u big I LOVE UU LOOL .

I can have all the ten things u mentioned on one table & I will never leave the table after eating them all

in addition bs keep it a secret between u & me I love to mix nachos with ice cream

for the first time I hear about the turkish cheescake lazem ajarebha 3ala yoom

I love niyagamaki served by Maki and of course I recommand the salmon avocado crub salad also by maki but I hate salmon so I alwayes ask to remove the salmon

california sushi yummy yummy u can find it in any japanese rest.

and it will be plasure to me to ask u for a date in maki LOOOOOOOOL

before I forget I was a big hater to the indian food but I tried an amazing resturant in 360 called the spice club they have the most delieciuos Mrabiyan try it u won't regret it

thank u dear u have an amazing blog and of course I will be following up all the updates :**

Sumaiah said...

Hey I missed you here :*

Corn flakes reminds me of diet :s
And you don't need to be on a diet your too skinny!!

Looool we're all united by food I guess :p

Put those ten on a table and I'll even eat the table if it had cheese on it :p

And the turkish thingy, it's a cheese. Wow what if there were a turkish cheesecake! I bet that would be awesome! I'm addicted to everything turkish, is it that noticeable :p

I had that salad from Maki it was really good, I too hate salmon. I did try some of Maki's sushi because it's not as authentic and raw as other japanese restaurants which is perfect for me. Looool we'll be an eating force to be reckoned with if we went together! :p

I'm not very brave when it comes to trying new things, but I'll give that place a try. And if it's good I'll buy you nachos and ice cream :p

Owh thank you, you're way too nice! And you're welcome to come back at any time, but I'll have to warn you that it gets pretty intense here so be very aware!! :p

JourneyKitchen said...

I can only add to the list and agree to most if not all!

Sumaiah said...

Glad that we share the love for food :D
A fellow cook I see! I'm more of a baker though and I've seen a couple of recipes on your blog that I'll definitely be trying. I'll let you know how they go :)

Thanks for dropping a comment her, feel free to come back :)