Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Why Get Married When You Have Me As A Sister!!

My sister's melcha is tomorrow! How did that happen!!!! I'm gonna die, I'm not ready!!! Old people touching me, kissing me, and telling me that I'm too fat. I must say that I'm not looking forward to it!!

I hate all the males in my life, so adding a brother in law is not exactly a good event for me! Combined with me being less important in my sister's life... It's a catastrophe!! I mean I have married sisters, but I didn't care much for those sisters when they were at home! But bujem9 is bujem9!! Reading the stupid pet name gives u a clue at how close we were... Are! I don't care she's mine forever and always! He didn't suffer from her mood swings for 21 years! She never hit him because he misplaced her barbie! He didn't stay up all night watching "Practical Magic", "Mission Impossible 2", and "Crossroads" with her every holiday for years!! He didn't share her experiences! He's a cool guy. She have always loved him. They make a perfect couple.

Tomorrow's her day. We'll all look our best and we're gonna be happy for her. I love you bujem9, I wish you all the happiness with the love of your life. Good thing you got away :*

Stay toned for part two, the wedding *shudders*. I cry on happy occasions it's my personal drama. Good thing that they're not rushing into the wedding. I'll have plenty of time to process...

Maybe I should invest more in Mesho since she's so annoying and no one wants to marry her! You know I love you, you stupid bitch :**


Anonymous said...

Old people touching me, kissing me, and telling me that " I'm too fat "!
What the Hell! do these people really have feelings?!
And mabrook for your sister ;D


Godless Saudi said...

I wish the lovely couple a lucky married life.

why do crocodiles keep eating my lunch when they have me as a chaplain?

Vainglorious said...

3al baraka :) allah ewafigha o ehaneeeha inshala ;*

Sumaiah said...

No they don't!! That's why I hate my family. They always find a way to make me even more angry!!
Thank you honey :*

Thank you for the well wishes :*

Ur an asshole that's why!

Ameeen! Thank you baby :*