Tuesday, November 9, 2010


- Been busy cleaning mama 3oda's (Allah yer7amha) new house. I have everywhere ache but it was worth it! I got to operate some type of cleaning machine (I looooove heavy machinery!) that I've never tried and it was awesome!!

- They demolished the book store that I bought my first novel from :(
It was a Sidney Sheldon book I remember, but I don't remember which one. I used to be into mystery when I first started reading.

- I still don't have proper connection and that's why I haven't been leaving valuable comments, but don't worry for I shall be back :p

- My parents and 2 of my sisters are planning to go to america for a couple of weeks. One of my sisters has to take an exam for the radiology board and the rest are tagging along. Me and Mesho are so excited that they're leaving and taking some of the drama with them, but I can't say the same about Bujem9 (my older sister). She nearly threw a tantrum once she found out about their plan, and she's mad at me and Mesho for supporting them!! Anyways, let's prey that everything goes well with their visas and all because I could really use time away from them!

- Bujem9 engagement's going to be finalized tomorrow!! I hope that everything goes well with the test and all, because she really love the guy. I wish her all the happiness that life could offer, she really deserves it. I still can't imagine that if everything went as planned inshallah she won't be living with us anymore! It's all so bittersweet :(

I'll go eat my americana sandwich and drink my leban now. I'll annoy you more some other time :p


Slashy said...

Best of luck to her! Allah yetamim and inshallah you'll find your soul mate too.

OMG I'm shocked! I love the bookstore.. you think ra7 yeba6lonha wela no more?

Ambrosial said...

I wanna go with them to the states and spend Thanksgivings there! ;p

All the best to your sister, allah ywafg'ha wetamim 3laiha bkhair ya rb :D

Vainglorious said...

Are they going to Vegas? Can I go with them?

Sumaiah said...

Thank you for the well wishes :*

I don’t think that they will :(
That place was a part of my growing up experience, I feel robed :(

7ayach :p
Basech hyata ashwa tawech radda edera!!

Thank you, Allah yesma3 menech :*

Sumaiah said...

With daddy around... I dont think so :p

And you can definitely tag along. You deserve a vacation unlike Ambrosial :p

Ambrosial said...

That wasn't a "Vacation" it started from Kuwait-Doha and then it stopped when mom and my aunt picked me up from the airport! lol ;p It really stopped! ;p

E wallah Vainglorious needs a vacation and Vegas is the right place!!!