Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thank You Crumbs :*

Today started with me scrubbing floors (still cleaning the new house!) and ended with a cool experience. I just came back from Harry Potter thanks to the wonderful people at crumbs.

I only had one problem with the whole situation (don't I always). We didn't feel included! True we won and true they were trying but you'd expect more from a creative place that cateres to the needs of the young generation. I mean you initiated this (and we're more than thankful) but you didn't use the presence of all of us sharing a mutual passion by including us in the experience! Instead there was the "Crumbs Personals Party", "Winner #1 Party", "Winner #2 Party", and so on.

The E-mail said to be there at 7:30 and that the movie starts at 8:15. The half hour spent waiting for the show was one of the most awkward time I spent since I graduated! Granted they offered us coffee and cake (which I was very thankful for because I was starving), but that was it! No small talks, no introductions, no nothing! I though that we were all being cool, we are all in on a secret club that no one but us could get into! I agree, I day dream a lot :p

I loved the VIP experience though, and what made it better was Crumbs goodies. I'm not saying this as a da3aya (if you know me, you'll know that I'll never do that!!), but I really think that they make the best red velvet cupcakes! I love their brownies too *droooools*
The movie was ok but the extras seem to be getting worst with each part :s

I'm sleeping at my aunt's today. We're eating noodles, eggs, cheese, and gaimar oo 3asal. Mako tanaso8 :p
I'm really beaten, so I'm gonna go sleep now. Good night world :*


The Reigh said...

awwww! I'm glad you enjoyed the experience but sorry that it was awkward O_o they really didn't seem to make it easy to socialize there :p

what do you mean by the extras? dun dun duuuun

Sumaiah said...

It's ok I had lots of fun sharing it with my aunt and uncle :D

The actors elly ye6le3oon bo degega :p
The most genuine acting was harry and hermione's dance scene, I loved it :D

Anonymous said...

El mohim anch stanstii yal VIP :P


The Reigh said...

loool I actually thought the dance scene mala da3y :p bs it was cute :p

yeah..the acting was a bit sad...especially when Harry was talking about the Voldemort vision he had...poor acting but I still loved it :p

Slashy said...

Yup.. aham shay enich estanastay.

BTW you look sexy!!

Sumaiah said...

Owh thank you! I'm starting to fall on love with you! Your way too nice :**

The Reigh:
Oho akeed ma kan la da3y oo 7ada ya3ny faj2a chethy! Bs the acting was just perfect at that moment that I kinda pushed the negativity away for a couple of minutes or so :p

Thank you love :*

Owh! I just died of niceness over dose!! But I look sexy all the time baby :p
Melfe3y kan 3afsa I really hated how it looked in the picture!