Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Let's Talk About Me

This is the only picture that I found of me wearing a dress as a baby!! Don't I look just adorable! Next to me is "El2a7ma8" my cousin :p

I'm taking some precious time out of my day to update you my fool loyal followers in case you were wondering what have I been up to since I last posted. I have a warning though: this post is too..... Me, I guess! It's just plain weird, so I don't recommend you to continue reading!
- My parents finally left until I'm not sure when! What! I don't really care about when they're coming back I'm just glad they left!! So my evil plan was to order the vibrator, right? Bs surprise surprise the site is being renovated (gobessa much!!) so my plans went out the window taking my infant orgasm with it *weeps*
So yesterday mom txted me at 3:38 AM asking me if I wanted padded bras or non-padded ones. I was angry because she woke me from my beauty sleep, so I had the urge to miss with her and tell her that I want a boob job! Then I thought what if I told her that I already had a boob job and will need those bras to be a size FF cup :p
Then I pushed those thoughts away because I wanted those bras and didn't want to give mom a heart attack (how considerate :p)

- I went to the stupid Get2Gether ma3ra'6 thingy. It sucked for me because I'm not a fan of stupid people. I'm actually not a fan of people, period! The most stupid thing that I saw there was the guys who were making flavoured soda! I mean come on!! I saw at least five (maybe four, I tend to exaggerate :p) tables with a bunch of guys pouring soda over an inch of artificial flavouring and all of a sudden they have a business!! And they have those weird names that will act as a stupid magnet that attracts idiots to their booths! I do admit that I bought a drink from one of them but only because I had chilli's for lunch that day and wanted anything cold and watery to gulp down.

- I think I'm depressed! I've been feeling so lethargic lately. I'm being extra mean and de3la to Saro (AKA Bujem9). It's like I'm looking for any excuse to just scream at her and make her suffer because I'm hurt that she's moving on! It's weird wallah! I know that I could be over protective of my cubs (AKA siblings), but I never thought that I'm so possessive! I'm turning into the teenage me who nobody like and nobody wanted to be around! The problem with me and issues is that I tend to not deal with them! I just put up a happy face and move on, but it's never gone! I always feel stupid for feeling bad, because I believe that I should be strong for everyone else! And because everyone is used to me being the strong one, the shoulder to cry on, they just can't accept the fact that I do feel down almost everyday! They can't understand that I've been battling depression my whole life because I just smile. I think I'm stuck!!
Ok now this post is too much all at once. So I'll just wrap it up already! Don't worry about me, it's nothing that a good night's sleep won't take care of :D (see what I'm talking about!)


q8othug said...

ma3lish bs ana lel7ain mo 3arif laish el a39ab talfaaanah ?

what gives ? loool

Sumaiah said...

Looool it's so hard to explain! I warned you maly she'3l :p

q8othug said...


it always boils down to one thing:


Anonymous said...

Ur cuuuuuuuuuuuute in the pic ur cuzn looks cute too but your cuter ;p
Btw! like how is sara moving on!
6afing you?!


Sumaiah said...

Why thank you :*
I know that I'm the cutest no need to tell me :p

I don't really know wallah! I just feel so left behind and madry!! Don't try to understand me, you'll lose interest. I don't understand me, and I'm me!!

I'll bouns back don't worry. I just need to get it out of my system. Expect a couple of more gloomy posts, but that's it! Just give me a week or so and I'll come back as bitchy as evern.You have my word :p

q8othug said...

so what can i do to help ?

Sumaiah said...

U've done enough already, you asked :)

Slashy said...

el2a7ma8 is reserved to ME.

min al7een agoolich =Pp~

LOOOL @ the beauty sleep w 7adah i need a boob job too.. shetgoleen ensaweha jama3y? :(

ana agool sara hathy khaleeha 3ala 9ob baby u have me!

Sumaiah said...

He's all urs baby!! He might look cute but he's a class A DALOO3!! So yeah have fun :p

I'm definitely having mine done! The problem is that I have to lose the access weight that I'm packing which might take a lifetime :p

Awh! Thank you baby :*

Vainglorious said...

Awww so cuute ;**

Well whatever shit life brings your way, your not alone we're here for you and would love an opportunity to kick ass ;)

Sumaiah said...

Thank you honey :**

Kuwaitiful said...

To be brutally frank you look like you run an Italian mafia with that pose in your photo.

I'm not sure if it's the lack of brain cells functioning at 2a.m .. or did I actually read something about evil-fully buying a "vibrator". I'm thinking a tooth brush vibrator.. please don't answer that.

Bra enlargement to FF ? Does that even exist ?!! If it did.. doesn't it make you twice the weight.. wait, is this blog even public or do I have some secret back door access I didn't know about..

Not sure why I decided to read this post first.. but clearly, I don't need to read more to know this stuff is insanely private 0_0

Word of advice(nothing about the above) but rather on those pointless Get2Together's, never visit again. I regret waisting the hours I spent visiting them and I demand that part of my life back to use on more productive matters. It's basically 30 stores with girls making homemade cupcakes that tastes like..... chocolate. Then a handful of triple over priced clothing that looks trendy, in that case used/abused/teared. So you basically pay much more to look homeless. No thanks.

Sumaiah said...

Loooool I do look fierce I know! I guess a dress couldn't fix the attitude! :p

I tend to scare ppl off for some reason :p
No seriously this place is where I dump the load because I can't go around telling ppl this so I just post it here for you poor ppl to read. In my defence, I did warn you, didn't I now!

Honey, it'll take plenty of implants to double my weight!! I'm still not getting FF implants though, a small D is perfect by me! Too much sharing I guess, sorry!

And I do agree with the Get2Gether comment! Except that this time there were not that many cupcake selling girls, and plenty of dudes who had stupid flavored sodas to sell! I guess that's the new habba!

I liked having you here, feel free to come back if you're not too traumatized ;)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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