Saturday, November 6, 2010

"The Lemon Tree"

I just finished reading a book called "The Lemon Tree". It was by far the hardest read not because of the writing style or used vocabulary, but because of the subject it self.

The book talks about the issue in Palestine and the Israeli occupation in a narrative. It reads like a very well researched novel. I won't write a review of the book because I'm afraid that I won't do it justice, so if anyone wants to know what the book is all about you can just google it :p

I didn't consider myself as someone who really cares for "The Cause" or "The Right of Return", but while I was reading this book I couldn't help but have this gripping feeling in my heart for the injustice that the people of Palestine have and still is enduring on the hand zoinists. I think that everybody should learn even if a little about the history of the situation even if it's not easy to read of such an ordeal. Reading about it made me feel like I wanted to kick everyone who made the occupation possible on the ass, I can only imagine how living with it makes Palestinians feel!

What I hated the most is that when the zoinist took 3 times more territories than what was assigned for them in the UN agreement and dragged people out of their houses it was "frowned upon". But when the Palestinians didn't agree to signing away part of the remaining part of THEIR land, they were viewed as being a disturbing force to peace making and as terrorists! After all they did refuse the "generous" offer of being partial rulers of 92% (not including elmasjed el2a89a!!) of the 22% (of the original Palestine) piece of scattered lands that is called palestine now!!

One line that was written on that book and made me wanna shoot the stupid zionist bitch (Dalia, one of the two maine characters in the book) is when she told Bashir (The other character, the Muslim Palestinian guy): "For you, every viable solution will be lacking in justice. In a peace plan, everybody will have to do with less than they deserve". My question is, what's the "Justice" that she's speaking of? And why should zoinists "Deserve" more than the owners of the land? Why should Palestinians compromise for the wellbeing and the normalcy of zoinist's lives?

I hated how this book made me feel so helpless but I'm recommending it to everybody. It helped me in understanding, I now know enough to speak my mind about this subject. I'm empowered with knowledge, and maybe if I helped people in finding the mean to learn about the situation then I would be doing "a'63af el2eman"?


Godless Saudi said...

This would help you understand the real issue of all conflicts

Sumaiah said...

It seems like it's a good book based on the reviews that I've just read. I'll definitely try to find it (we have sucky bookstores, so I'm not keeping my hopes up:s) and will read it inshallah. There's no reason to reject a good read. Thanks for pointing it out :*

Godless Saudi said...

Its by the famous neuroscience ph.d and philosopher Sam Harris. If you like this lectuer you will like the book

Enjoy !

Slashy said...

This book is in my basket, thanks to you ;)

Vainglorious said...

Hmm... I'm not gonna comment on this issue

Devil Doll said...

People believe that the creator of the universe literally promised the land of Israel to the Jews or Muslims, in his role as an omniscient real-estate broker...

Think about it.

Sumaiah said...

I did watch the video and i think that I want to get the book now :)

I'm glad you liked it, bs it'll be better if you actually read it instead of putting it on a rack with the rest of ur book :p

Up to you :)

Don't Dwell:
They both might think that it was "assigned" to them by god, but that doesn't stop the Palestinians (of any religion I never said muslims) from being the actual owners of the and!! Palestinian jews have always lived peacefully there. But to have ppl thrown out of their homes by an occupying force is not something that should be tolerated for whatever reason!

Sumaiah said...

Devil Doll*

Sorry I'm sleepy and ended up mixing blog's names!
Welcome here :)