Thursday, November 25, 2010

I Whip My Extensions Back and Forth!

I just realized that I've never ranted about Willow Smith here!! Considering that I've been ranting about how much I hate her and her song none stop everywhere possible! Just thinking about it gives me headache!!

Anyways, I feel like I should be doing something but I can't think of any!

The DJ lady just came here to get her stuff organized and stuff. So I sat there and gave her the CDs with the songs that we want for when the exchange the rings (:s) and for the zaffa (:s). Ba3dain I was like "no badawy, no 3ragy, and no ashba7!" And she's like "no what?" And I'm like "ehm I mean old people's songs, what do you call them?", DJ lady "samry!", me "yes exactly!". I know that it's called samry but I've been calling it ashba7 since ages so the name just slipped my mind!

Ok I just received my extensions, one thing down plenty to go! Why am I not panicking yet! It suck, having balding genes I mean. Sometimes I get impulses to go shave it all off!! Bs not now! Now I feel like letting it down, extensions and all. Yesterday I stayed up all night googling hair styles and eye makeup. What! If I'm doing it then I'd rather do it the right way!!

Mesho's been driving my behind since 12, I'm giving her a couple of hours before she finally cracks and throws me out of the car :p

My face is freezing! Wait I'm going to direct the AC somewhere else....

I want a boob job! Mesho has killer boobs but she doesn't appreciate them, why wasn't I born with them? I would've loved them and taken care of them and treated them like my babies! *curses her tiny boobs*

Ok now I really have to go get ready. Wish me luck!


Ambrosial said...

LOOOL "Ashba7" songs! I love SAMRI!! And "Badawii" is always a BLAST! U wanted heavy metal didn't u ?! lool ;p

Allaaaaaah ywafg ur sister ya rb! Wetamim 3laiha bkhair :D I hope u girls had fun last night ;)

Sumaiah said...

Samri's for old ppl! And I don't dance badawe for fear of boob spillage :p
And I don't like heavy metal! Heavy metal's for teenagers and ppl with sucky taste! I have a very sophisticated taste in music, thank you very much!!

Ameeen, thank you dear :*
We did have fun el7emdelellah :)
Put me Mesho and music and there will be crazy partying :p

Anonymous said...

Trust me !! i hate her more then you do b waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayed
You have to watch this youtube link! Glozell making fun of her lol


Vainglorious said...

Who's Willow Smith?!

Hope you guys enjoyed it o allah ewafig ur sis ;*

Sumaiah said...

Loooool that was funny! Oo it's exactly my point, ya3ny if she wasn't Well smith's daughter chan ma7ad 3a6aha wayh!!

A7sanlech ma t3arfenha!

We did enjoy our time, thank you :*

Ambrosial said...

Vain. Willow, bnt The Fresh Prince of Bel Air! LOL ;P

The Reigh said...

LOOOL willow Smith the 9 year old singing a song that's much too mature (A) when I first heard it I thought it was a Rihanna wannabe :P but then lo and behold...I got hooked on it myself (A) how is that possible? I don't know...but you love me anyways (A)

Sumaiah said...

I hate her the most because I feel that she's being forced on the public because she has famous parents -__-

And the song is so repetitive oo it gets stuck in my head 7atta lo I pass by Mesho's room while she's listening to it!! So annoying and it makes me want to rip my head open!! I have plenty of restrained anger mixed with crazy impulses and those are not good when evoked :p
I could never hate you! Even though ur too girly and you have a disgusting taste in music, I'm able to look beyond that because I'm that awesome :p

The Reigh said...

HAHAHAH! awwww I feel uber loved <3 I heart you forever more! :P heheh

and well it's irritating to me in a way, because she's 9 years old...they're cradle robbing her of a normal childhood...she'll grow up to be another Miley Cyrus who gives lap dances to 44 yr old men O_O heaven forbid though...she's too cute for that!