Monday, November 15, 2010

I Have Love In My Tummy

It's this time of the month again (my cycle is very important to me so you're all gonna hear about it) which means endless cravings, some crazier than others I must admit.

Just a second let me put some nail polish on.....
Mesho told me to write something for her college's magazine but I think that I'm out of creativity!! Back in the days (elly yesma3 ygool 3omry 60 :p) I used to write stuff that made sense, that made people think. These days I only seem capable of ranting and being incoherent! I'd love to believe that I'm still smart, it's just that maybe I'm getting fatty brain and that's why my brain isn't working well :p

Mood swings: ON
I'm starting to feel down...
Hmmmmmmmm think happy thoughts. Think rainbows (not gay rainbows, gays are happy though so that will work too) and unicorns. I'm gonna watch some more TV now. Good night :*


Anonymous said...

Looooool ur funny :P
And u are smart!

The Reigh said...

LOOOOL i swear reading this post proved you are definitely my long lost twin sister :P
I'm 7addi going through my craving and mood swing cycles (A) you don't even wanna know what I crave :p
unicorns definitely work bs picture leprechauns and their pot of gold too (A)
take care! ;*

Vainglorious said...

lol you and I both! I'm PMSing and couldnt stop snapping at people all day long, I scared the crap out of my little nephew

Sumaiah said...

Owh! Thank you :**
Why comment as anonymous when ur this nice!!

The Reigh:
I told you, didn't I!:p
I'm craving disgusting stuff like banana burgers :s
But craving lobsters and noodles the most!

Loool I hate unicorns, they make me feel blond. Leprechauns might work with me :p

Ehm I'm superior to most of you unevolved women and believe it or not I can control my temper! I'm way too cool to snap at ppl :p

Slashy said...

عيدكم مبارك وكل عام وإنتم بخير

Ambrosial said...

Mashallah we're all PMSing?! lool I just jumped into the last train of cravings! I understand disgusting cravings like Turkey with Nutella sandwich! lool ;p

3eedch Mbarak ;* ;)

Sumaiah said...

Ayamech sa3eeda 7abebty :*

Why did tell me about that! Now I'm gonna crave that next month!!

Ayamech sa3eeda honey :**

The Reigh said...

Looooooooooool! everybody watch out! we be the badasses in town! we're all PMSing! WHOOT :p *dances*