Sunday, November 21, 2010

Google It

A couple of days ago I had a nasty encounter with a person so close to me. After the whole incident I was so angry and hurt that I just broke down and cried. I actually teared up and when I did my aunt started crying because she wasn't used to seeing me cry so I stopped crying! But even when I stopped crying and cursing I was still enraged and agitated, and me being me I decided to google the rage out.

I have a tendency to get all hyped up and crazy when it comes to google. It always starts with something then ends up with something that bears no relation to the first search! It's safe to say that I get ADHD when I use it :p

Back to the initial subject please (maybe I do have ADHD!)! Ok, so while I was still drying my eyes I googled "Fucking pissed". One of the first results was a site called "I'm Pissed" I think (google it if you want, I have no connection and I'm too lazy :p)! You see, I don't do any "human to human" sharing and that's why I tend to use the internet so I don't have another breakdown! Back to the site please (what did I tell you!)! So in short, what the site is all about is that you go there and tell the world why you're pissed with the choice of allowing comments or not. I thought that it's a cool tool for people like me who can't confine on the people around them and need to let it all out.

After I read some of the posts my ADHD kicked in and I wanted to google something else. My favorite google search is my name akeed :p
No matter how many times I search my name the results are still just my FB account, my Twitter account, and my blog. And yes it still disappointing that there's no page praising my highness, but I know that it will happen soon :p

I couldn't stop searching so I searched (the new followers might be offended but you have to know! I'm one of the horniest person that I know!!) "Sex toys kuwait" (that's why I had to warn you :p). I've been looking for a vibrator since forever and I thought why not! The results sure sent a little jolt through my you know what (I'm trying to be polite here, appreciate the effort!:p). There's an online site that sells sex toys here in kuwait (REJOICE :D), and it's been there since more than a year! I was very disappointed that I didn't know about it any earlier!!

But just like everything good in life it couldn't be perfect (shut up :p). My problem now (isn't there always -_-) is that I can't order it to my house because there's no need for the whole family to know about it (believe it or not I'm shy around family. And yes I know what shy mean. Shut up!!). Efffff this is a true dilemma to me stop laughing! If your laughing then you're an idiot! Who's laughing now :p

Ok, I'll go try to read or think about a way to make that happen.


Godless Saudi said...

use an electric toothbrush as vibrator.

you're welcome,

Sumaiah said...

dude that's nasty! the thought crossed my mind at times, but ewww! i know i wont be using it on my teeth bs still!
ya3ny a9oum a9oum waf6er 3alla fersha! now think of a way to smuggle the vibrator to the house and i'll thank you generously ;p

Anonymous said...

Order it to your friends house maybe!
Or some one who lives close by your house ! And when the vibrator gets to this house, tell them to call you before ringing the bell Loooool!


Vainglorious said...

LooooooooooooL what?! I'm not laughing!

Google is everyone's best friend! The greatest invention of all time ;p

I agree with S order it and tell them to call you when they get there. Also, you might wanna specify a time when you know no one is home. You may also give them a wrong house number, one that doesnt exist. In that case they will definitely call you to check the address and when they do u'll know they're in the neighborhood so then u'd give them the right number and wait for them by the door. and now I will shut up ;p

Ambrosial said...

LOOOOL! U Weirdo! U get sad and start crying and then ask for a vibrator! LOOL U have ur ways of uplifting ur spirit! Thank God I lean towards food ;p

Go bake Semo! BAKE! The only vibration ur getting is from a juice blender lol ;p

Sumaiah said...

that will be one awkward conversation: " hi there. listen, i'm ordering a vibrator to your house are you ok with this? yeah and once you receive it hold on to it for me, please. yes, i'll pick it up ASAP. ok. thank you. bye honey :*"
i dont think so! my parents should be leaving for the US soon. maybe i should order it then!

your the bigges idiot of all idiots oo many radat'ha 3anech!! :p

loool 6ala3ty mofeda when it comes to kinkeness :p
i'll wait lamma my parents leave and will give it a try :p

what! i was neglected as a child, blame it on my parents :p
i eat all the time so eating when i'm angry doesn't change a thing!

A GIRL HAS NEEDS GOD DAMN IT! mine are more intense than some, but it's normal (shut up, it is!!).

you dnt get any of my famous homemade cookies for that last remark! :p

Anonymous said...

Dude thats not what i meant! -.-
I meant ya3ni bdoon may3arf raa3i el house that you will be ordering from!
Like when you will order it tell them before they take it to bait madri mno they call you! and u go get it before they go to hal bait


Sumaiah said...

Loooool easy dude! Ok now I get it and it actually make sense :)

The Reigh said...

Go to <3 it's for all the healthy anger and hatred to be expressed (A) ...yes....I have experience...and I don't know why blog just doesn't inform me when people update -_- the internet hates me...I'm sure by now you have your crown to rule the world and ish feeling better...if not..point whoever it is out to me and I'll teach em a thing or two ;) ehhehe

Sumaiah said...

Owwwwwwwwwwh! Aren't you the cutest :***

I'm sorry i didn't read it earlier, it would've definitely put me in a better mood :)