Thursday, November 11, 2010

F.U Zain, and I DON'T Mean Forget You!

I've been ranting for more than a week now about not having proper connection on my BlackBerry but I didn't know what was wrong. Until recently when I noticed that I only have problems with my connection when I'm at home (Qurain) or my aunt's house (3adan).

I'm extremely angry because living in Qurain doesn't make me a second class citizen! And I shouldn't have to tolerate this shit coming from people that I'm paying for a good service that I'm not getting!! I still don't have connection on my BlackBerry, thank god all the application work (wouldn't know how to live without my Face Book and E-mails!). I've been stealing my sister's connection or I would've just died (dramatic much!).

I have one thing to say to you dear Zain, "Fuck you and the horses you came marching on!!" (Heard it somewhere and been dying to use it :p).


Slashy said...

حدهم سكه

انا استعمل الوطنيه ومره مسج تويتر وصلني باجر


بكنسل بسبتهم وبرد على سوني اريكسون


The Reigh said...

Aaand this is precisely why I switched to Wataniya...I live even further away :p

The M Code said...

I've been having bad service from them in Thahya near Kuwait City, I think it's everywhere.

Sumaiah said...

لوووول لأ كلا ولا السةوني اريكسون محد يصك على تخلفة!!
تلفوني الثاني سوني كل ما استعملة احمد ربي على لبلاك بيري حتى لو ما يشبك! :p

The Reigh:
i'm starting to think that maybe there's something wrong with all torches! when i went to hatef 2000 i found a guy with the same problem that i havee :(

The M code:
yeah that's what i just found out! bs laish 3aad!! etha there's a problem they should've fixed it before authorizing the sale of the phone!!

Vainglorious said...

Yeah well Zaain suck biiig time! I switched to Viva and hated my life then went with Slashy's suggestion, Wataniya, and now I'm happy and satisfied

Sumaiah said...

shakly i'll switch to wa6aneya too

bananaQ8 said...

Since I bought my BB torch 9800 & I have noticed problems with internet connection & I have called Zain customer service & reported the problem but they insisted nothing is wrong & that maybe my bb browser has a prolem,, but i think its the service not the phone, & I overheard that Zain are expanding the network coverage soon so this may resolve the problem, I hope.

The Reigh said...

*advertises* go wataniya go! :p