Thursday, November 18, 2010

Finally I'm Being Treated Like The VIP That I AM :p

Ok so I still don't believe that I (actually my aunt won it, but I did the work!) won something! I WON VIP TICKETS TO HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS!!!!!!! Ok, I got it out of my system! :p

As you can see I'm not a fan of J. K. Rowling any more! Not ever since she ruined my story for me!! Ever since the first book I hated Rowling's writing style and through out the 7 books I found more than 10 mistakes in the plot and stuff but I kept on reading because I liked the story (don't judge me!). What made me hate Rowling even more was the ending of the 7th book. ALL WAS WELL MY ASS YOU BITCH!! Ok that's out of my system too!

Once I finished reading the last book, I stopped feeling excited about the movies until yesterday. The beautiful people of Crumbs sent me (ehm my aunt) an E-mail telling me that I won 3 VIP tickets to Harry Potter. Thank you Crumbs, even though I signed every one in the family for the competition I still didn't think that I'll win, but you made a girl's dream (of winning something) come true :D

If everything went well and I didn't die (3youn my cousin betickets and I'm anticipating a disaster of some sort) I'll post about it inshallah :)

This is my 100th post! I never thought that I had it in me! I really though that I'd get bored with it and would've stopped posting a couple of weeks after starting this blog! That's why I never corrected the spelling on the "Within" from "Within The Margin Of Error"! I told myself if I made it for a whole year then I'll change it, so that's something to look forward to :p

Now I have to go force myself to finish reading my novel because I want to buy new novels but I have to read some of the novels on my unread pile to buy new ones without feeling guilty about it! I talk a lot I know :p

Thank you all for tolerating me and my craziness and for reading the crap that I write. Without you, this blog would've fizzled and died. Thank you for lurking (if I had silent readers which I hope I do!!), following, or commenting on my idiotic post. I really don't know why you come back, but I sure as hell appreciate it. I love you all :***


The Reigh said...

Looool tstahelaain the V.I.P treatment walla ;*
heheh :D
oo enshalla makoo disasters!

aww, it's a shame you don't like it, but I agree the ending was all "tra la la, happy happy" :p

oo your randomness 3ajeeb :P don't ever change!

Anonymous said...

Testahlaaain el VIP :P
Enjooy it


Sumaiah said...

The Reigh:
Thank you honey :*

Loool don't worry I'm not changing anytime soon! I did enough changing to last me a life time!!

I want to know more than "S" now, I'm intrigued! I mean, if ur cool enough to read my blog, then you're totally worth knowing! (The8a ha!:p)

Thank you honey :**

The Reigh said...

good to hear walla ;* loool I hear you, I know EXACTLY how that goes...NO MORE CHANGE! *growls* :p lol

Anonymous said...

Hahaha what do you want to know ?


Slashy said...

HP sux

Sumaiah said...

I don't know! Gender? Age? Hobbies? How much you love me mathalan :p

Yes I agree now! If you told me that when I first started reading it an was totally obsessed with it, I would've bitten ur head off :p