Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Let's Talk About Me

This is the only picture that I found of me wearing a dress as a baby!! Don't I look just adorable! Next to me is "El2a7ma8" my cousin :p

I'm taking some precious time out of my day to update you my fool loyal followers in case you were wondering what have I been up to since I last posted. I have a warning though: this post is too..... Me, I guess! It's just plain weird, so I don't recommend you to continue reading!
- My parents finally left until I'm not sure when! What! I don't really care about when they're coming back I'm just glad they left!! So my evil plan was to order the vibrator, right? Bs surprise surprise the site is being renovated (gobessa much!!) so my plans went out the window taking my infant orgasm with it *weeps*
So yesterday mom txted me at 3:38 AM asking me if I wanted padded bras or non-padded ones. I was angry because she woke me from my beauty sleep, so I had the urge to miss with her and tell her that I want a boob job! Then I thought what if I told her that I already had a boob job and will need those bras to be a size FF cup :p
Then I pushed those thoughts away because I wanted those bras and didn't want to give mom a heart attack (how considerate :p)

- I went to the stupid Get2Gether ma3ra'6 thingy. It sucked for me because I'm not a fan of stupid people. I'm actually not a fan of people, period! The most stupid thing that I saw there was the guys who were making flavoured soda! I mean come on!! I saw at least five (maybe four, I tend to exaggerate :p) tables with a bunch of guys pouring soda over an inch of artificial flavouring and all of a sudden they have a business!! And they have those weird names that will act as a stupid magnet that attracts idiots to their booths! I do admit that I bought a drink from one of them but only because I had chilli's for lunch that day and wanted anything cold and watery to gulp down.

- I think I'm depressed! I've been feeling so lethargic lately. I'm being extra mean and de3la to Saro (AKA Bujem9). It's like I'm looking for any excuse to just scream at her and make her suffer because I'm hurt that she's moving on! It's weird wallah! I know that I could be over protective of my cubs (AKA siblings), but I never thought that I'm so possessive! I'm turning into the teenage me who nobody like and nobody wanted to be around! The problem with me and issues is that I tend to not deal with them! I just put up a happy face and move on, but it's never gone! I always feel stupid for feeling bad, because I believe that I should be strong for everyone else! And because everyone is used to me being the strong one, the shoulder to cry on, they just can't accept the fact that I do feel down almost everyday! They can't understand that I've been battling depression my whole life because I just smile. I think I'm stuck!!
Ok now this post is too much all at once. So I'll just wrap it up already! Don't worry about me, it's nothing that a good night's sleep won't take care of :D (see what I'm talking about!)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

I Whip My Extensions Back and Forth!

I just realized that I've never ranted about Willow Smith here!! Considering that I've been ranting about how much I hate her and her song none stop everywhere possible! Just thinking about it gives me headache!!

Anyways, I feel like I should be doing something but I can't think of any!

The DJ lady just came here to get her stuff organized and stuff. So I sat there and gave her the CDs with the songs that we want for when the exchange the rings (:s) and for the zaffa (:s). Ba3dain I was like "no badawy, no 3ragy, and no ashba7!" And she's like "no what?" And I'm like "ehm I mean old people's songs, what do you call them?", DJ lady "samry!", me "yes exactly!". I know that it's called samry but I've been calling it ashba7 since ages so the name just slipped my mind!

Ok I just received my extensions, one thing down plenty to go! Why am I not panicking yet! It suck, having balding genes I mean. Sometimes I get impulses to go shave it all off!! Bs not now! Now I feel like letting it down, extensions and all. Yesterday I stayed up all night googling hair styles and eye makeup. What! If I'm doing it then I'd rather do it the right way!!

Mesho's been driving my behind since 12, I'm giving her a couple of hours before she finally cracks and throws me out of the car :p

My face is freezing! Wait I'm going to direct the AC somewhere else....

I want a boob job! Mesho has killer boobs but she doesn't appreciate them, why wasn't I born with them? I would've loved them and taken care of them and treated them like my babies! *curses her tiny boobs*

Ok now I really have to go get ready. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Why Get Married When You Have Me As A Sister!!

My sister's melcha is tomorrow! How did that happen!!!! I'm gonna die, I'm not ready!!! Old people touching me, kissing me, and telling me that I'm too fat. I must say that I'm not looking forward to it!!

I hate all the males in my life, so adding a brother in law is not exactly a good event for me! Combined with me being less important in my sister's life... It's a catastrophe!! I mean I have married sisters, but I didn't care much for those sisters when they were at home! But bujem9 is bujem9!! Reading the stupid pet name gives u a clue at how close we were... Are! I don't care she's mine forever and always! He didn't suffer from her mood swings for 21 years! She never hit him because he misplaced her barbie! He didn't stay up all night watching "Practical Magic", "Mission Impossible 2", and "Crossroads" with her every holiday for years!! He didn't share her experiences! He's a cool guy. She have always loved him. They make a perfect couple.

Tomorrow's her day. We'll all look our best and we're gonna be happy for her. I love you bujem9, I wish you all the happiness with the love of your life. Good thing you got away :*

Stay toned for part two, the wedding *shudders*. I cry on happy occasions it's my personal drama. Good thing that they're not rushing into the wedding. I'll have plenty of time to process...

Maybe I should invest more in Mesho since she's so annoying and no one wants to marry her! You know I love you, you stupid bitch :**

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Google It

A couple of days ago I had a nasty encounter with a person so close to me. After the whole incident I was so angry and hurt that I just broke down and cried. I actually teared up and when I did my aunt started crying because she wasn't used to seeing me cry so I stopped crying! But even when I stopped crying and cursing I was still enraged and agitated, and me being me I decided to google the rage out.

I have a tendency to get all hyped up and crazy when it comes to google. It always starts with something then ends up with something that bears no relation to the first search! It's safe to say that I get ADHD when I use it :p

Back to the initial subject please (maybe I do have ADHD!)! Ok, so while I was still drying my eyes I googled "Fucking pissed". One of the first results was a site called "I'm Pissed" I think (google it if you want, I have no connection and I'm too lazy :p)! You see, I don't do any "human to human" sharing and that's why I tend to use the internet so I don't have another breakdown! Back to the site please (what did I tell you!)! So in short, what the site is all about is that you go there and tell the world why you're pissed with the choice of allowing comments or not. I thought that it's a cool tool for people like me who can't confine on the people around them and need to let it all out.

After I read some of the posts my ADHD kicked in and I wanted to google something else. My favorite google search is my name akeed :p
No matter how many times I search my name the results are still just my FB account, my Twitter account, and my blog. And yes it still disappointing that there's no page praising my highness, but I know that it will happen soon :p

I couldn't stop searching so I searched (the new followers might be offended but you have to know! I'm one of the horniest person that I know!!) "Sex toys kuwait" (that's why I had to warn you :p). I've been looking for a vibrator since forever and I thought why not! The results sure sent a little jolt through my you know what (I'm trying to be polite here, appreciate the effort!:p). There's an online site that sells sex toys here in kuwait (REJOICE :D), and it's been there since more than a year! I was very disappointed that I didn't know about it any earlier!!

But just like everything good in life it couldn't be perfect (shut up :p). My problem now (isn't there always -_-) is that I can't order it to my house because there's no need for the whole family to know about it (believe it or not I'm shy around family. And yes I know what shy mean. Shut up!!). Efffff this is a true dilemma to me stop laughing! If your laughing then you're an idiot! Who's laughing now :p

Ok, I'll go try to read or think about a way to make that happen.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thank You Crumbs :*

Today started with me scrubbing floors (still cleaning the new house!) and ended with a cool experience. I just came back from Harry Potter thanks to the wonderful people at crumbs.

I only had one problem with the whole situation (don't I always). We didn't feel included! True we won and true they were trying but you'd expect more from a creative place that cateres to the needs of the young generation. I mean you initiated this (and we're more than thankful) but you didn't use the presence of all of us sharing a mutual passion by including us in the experience! Instead there was the "Crumbs Personals Party", "Winner #1 Party", "Winner #2 Party", and so on.

The E-mail said to be there at 7:30 and that the movie starts at 8:15. The half hour spent waiting for the show was one of the most awkward time I spent since I graduated! Granted they offered us coffee and cake (which I was very thankful for because I was starving), but that was it! No small talks, no introductions, no nothing! I though that we were all being cool, we are all in on a secret club that no one but us could get into! I agree, I day dream a lot :p

I loved the VIP experience though, and what made it better was Crumbs goodies. I'm not saying this as a da3aya (if you know me, you'll know that I'll never do that!!), but I really think that they make the best red velvet cupcakes! I love their brownies too *droooools*
The movie was ok but the extras seem to be getting worst with each part :s

I'm sleeping at my aunt's today. We're eating noodles, eggs, cheese, and gaimar oo 3asal. Mako tanaso8 :p
I'm really beaten, so I'm gonna go sleep now. Good night world :*

Finally I'm Being Treated Like The VIP That I AM :p

Ok so I still don't believe that I (actually my aunt won it, but I did the work!) won something! I WON VIP TICKETS TO HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS!!!!!!! Ok, I got it out of my system! :p

As you can see I'm not a fan of J. K. Rowling any more! Not ever since she ruined my story for me!! Ever since the first book I hated Rowling's writing style and through out the 7 books I found more than 10 mistakes in the plot and stuff but I kept on reading because I liked the story (don't judge me!). What made me hate Rowling even more was the ending of the 7th book. ALL WAS WELL MY ASS YOU BITCH!! Ok that's out of my system too!

Once I finished reading the last book, I stopped feeling excited about the movies until yesterday. The beautiful people of Crumbs sent me (ehm my aunt) an E-mail telling me that I won 3 VIP tickets to Harry Potter. Thank you Crumbs, even though I signed every one in the family for the competition I still didn't think that I'll win, but you made a girl's dream (of winning something) come true :D

If everything went well and I didn't die (3youn my cousin betickets and I'm anticipating a disaster of some sort) I'll post about it inshallah :)

This is my 100th post! I never thought that I had it in me! I really though that I'd get bored with it and would've stopped posting a couple of weeks after starting this blog! That's why I never corrected the spelling on the "Within" from "Within The Margin Of Error"! I told myself if I made it for a whole year then I'll change it, so that's something to look forward to :p

Now I have to go force myself to finish reading my novel because I want to buy new novels but I have to read some of the novels on my unread pile to buy new ones without feeling guilty about it! I talk a lot I know :p

Thank you all for tolerating me and my craziness and for reading the crap that I write. Without you, this blog would've fizzled and died. Thank you for lurking (if I had silent readers which I hope I do!!), following, or commenting on my idiotic post. I really don't know why you come back, but I sure as hell appreciate it. I love you all :***

Monday, November 15, 2010

I Have Love In My Tummy

It's this time of the month again (my cycle is very important to me so you're all gonna hear about it) which means endless cravings, some crazier than others I must admit.

Just a second let me put some nail polish on.....
Mesho told me to write something for her college's magazine but I think that I'm out of creativity!! Back in the days (elly yesma3 ygool 3omry 60 :p) I used to write stuff that made sense, that made people think. These days I only seem capable of ranting and being incoherent! I'd love to believe that I'm still smart, it's just that maybe I'm getting fatty brain and that's why my brain isn't working well :p

Mood swings: ON
I'm starting to feel down...
Hmmmmmmmm think happy thoughts. Think rainbows (not gay rainbows, gays are happy though so that will work too) and unicorns. I'm gonna watch some more TV now. Good night :*

Thursday, November 11, 2010

F.U Zain, and I DON'T Mean Forget You!

I've been ranting for more than a week now about not having proper connection on my BlackBerry but I didn't know what was wrong. Until recently when I noticed that I only have problems with my connection when I'm at home (Qurain) or my aunt's house (3adan).

I'm extremely angry because living in Qurain doesn't make me a second class citizen! And I shouldn't have to tolerate this shit coming from people that I'm paying for a good service that I'm not getting!! I still don't have connection on my BlackBerry, thank god all the application work (wouldn't know how to live without my Face Book and E-mails!). I've been stealing my sister's connection or I would've just died (dramatic much!).

I have one thing to say to you dear Zain, "Fuck you and the horses you came marching on!!" (Heard it somewhere and been dying to use it :p).

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


- Been busy cleaning mama 3oda's (Allah yer7amha) new house. I have everywhere ache but it was worth it! I got to operate some type of cleaning machine (I looooove heavy machinery!) that I've never tried and it was awesome!!

- They demolished the book store that I bought my first novel from :(
It was a Sidney Sheldon book I remember, but I don't remember which one. I used to be into mystery when I first started reading.

- I still don't have proper connection and that's why I haven't been leaving valuable comments, but don't worry for I shall be back :p

- My parents and 2 of my sisters are planning to go to america for a couple of weeks. One of my sisters has to take an exam for the radiology board and the rest are tagging along. Me and Mesho are so excited that they're leaving and taking some of the drama with them, but I can't say the same about Bujem9 (my older sister). She nearly threw a tantrum once she found out about their plan, and she's mad at me and Mesho for supporting them!! Anyways, let's prey that everything goes well with their visas and all because I could really use time away from them!

- Bujem9 engagement's going to be finalized tomorrow!! I hope that everything goes well with the test and all, because she really love the guy. I wish her all the happiness that life could offer, she really deserves it. I still can't imagine that if everything went as planned inshallah she won't be living with us anymore! It's all so bittersweet :(

I'll go eat my americana sandwich and drink my leban now. I'll annoy you more some other time :p

Saturday, November 6, 2010

"The Lemon Tree"

I just finished reading a book called "The Lemon Tree". It was by far the hardest read not because of the writing style or used vocabulary, but because of the subject it self.

The book talks about the issue in Palestine and the Israeli occupation in a narrative. It reads like a very well researched novel. I won't write a review of the book because I'm afraid that I won't do it justice, so if anyone wants to know what the book is all about you can just google it :p

I didn't consider myself as someone who really cares for "The Cause" or "The Right of Return", but while I was reading this book I couldn't help but have this gripping feeling in my heart for the injustice that the people of Palestine have and still is enduring on the hand zoinists. I think that everybody should learn even if a little about the history of the situation even if it's not easy to read of such an ordeal. Reading about it made me feel like I wanted to kick everyone who made the occupation possible on the ass, I can only imagine how living with it makes Palestinians feel!

What I hated the most is that when the zoinist took 3 times more territories than what was assigned for them in the UN agreement and dragged people out of their houses it was "frowned upon". But when the Palestinians didn't agree to signing away part of the remaining part of THEIR land, they were viewed as being a disturbing force to peace making and as terrorists! After all they did refuse the "generous" offer of being partial rulers of 92% (not including elmasjed el2a89a!!) of the 22% (of the original Palestine) piece of scattered lands that is called palestine now!!

One line that was written on that book and made me wanna shoot the stupid zionist bitch (Dalia, one of the two maine characters in the book) is when she told Bashir (The other character, the Muslim Palestinian guy): "For you, every viable solution will be lacking in justice. In a peace plan, everybody will have to do with less than they deserve". My question is, what's the "Justice" that she's speaking of? And why should zoinists "Deserve" more than the owners of the land? Why should Palestinians compromise for the wellbeing and the normalcy of zoinist's lives?

I hated how this book made me feel so helpless but I'm recommending it to everybody. It helped me in understanding, I now know enough to speak my mind about this subject. I'm empowered with knowledge, and maybe if I helped people in finding the mean to learn about the situation then I would be doing "a'63af el2eman"?

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My Lovely Torch, And The NOT So Lovely Zain!

My precious sisters bought me a BlackBerry Torch a couple of days ago as a very late graduation gift (just saying :p). Conveniently, they hid it in a kitco potato chips bag :p

I haven't posted about it until now because stupid zain had to ruin it for me!! I had connection problems so I decided to call the idiotic guys in the call center. They kept telling me the same thing each time I called (I think I called 20+ times! Yes, I can be naggy when it comes to my connection!), "take off the battery for 30 seconds, then put it back and wait for 10 minutes and everything should go great". First time I heard this phrase I was a bit skeptical, since I already took the battery out, but I did it none the less because he said something about activating the service so I was like ok! I talked to 3abdallas, m7amads, a7mads, and baders who all said the same thing (I did it once and ignored the rest!)!

All those guys gave me a stupid abused advise and heard my condescending "ya36eek el3afya" (shut up I'm always polite, even when I'm pissed :p) at the end of the cal. Until today when I first woke up (yes I'm this naggy:p) and called and for the first time I was talking to a girl. She told me to go to one of marakez el5edma since the problem persisted after activating the service (after the first call I started telling the person on the other end that the problem persisted after I did what they're telling me to do). She also gave me the name of the nearest place, their #, and their working shifts. I went there and now I finally have a connection. I'll forever be thankful to you shai5a, thank you for not BSing 3alla rasy :*
That proves to you people that women do everything better than guys! And guys should learn that we're not stupid and we know when we're being lied to!!

This is my first post from my new baby, I really don't care if it's incoherent and I don't feel like prof reading it :D