Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Journey to Find the Lady Inside?

I think that I might be challenging myself not to curse! Most of the people that I'm surrounding myself with are not cool with the way I talk, so I'm not sure if I should ditch them or ditch the bitchy me? But then I thought maybe challenging myself to be girly and shit (shut up zain!) Might be fun, because I'm so bored and I could use a good challenge.

I will be promising to be polite and nice for a whole week. No bitcheness, no back lashing, no cursing, no nothing! Who here thinks that I could pull it off?


Agonized Vamp said...

A hole month!!!! @@
We'll see 'bout that :p

Sumaiah said...

Looool l2 bs a week '3al6a ma6ba3eya :p
A month! That will be like I'm sitting myself to fail :p

Vainglorious said...

Ok people, betting starts at 20 KD. Who bets she wont make it?! Lol I'm gonna have fun playing bookie ;p

Come one everyone don't be shy wave your cash and keep the bets flowing ;p

G'luck girly, make me proud... and rich ;p

greak said...

20KD that she'll make it :D

Sumaiah said...

If Mesho came and said that I'm cheating DO NOT under any circumstances believe her!! I haven't promised anything yet I was just considering it! Once I promise I will totally make it through not only a week but two if I wanted to! So the question now is, is it worth it? I mean changing for a week if I'm going to go back afterwards? Don't tell me that I might change for ever because I might laugh to death :p

U don't believe in mu abilities!! honey if I know that ur gonna gain a fils 7amar out of me failing I'll go to extremes to succeed :p
How do u like me now bitch :p

How come ur the only one who always have faith in me? Wallah this is sooooo weird dude!
But I really appreciate it hon, ur the sweetest :**

Slashy said...

انا لازم اللي اسوي جذي لاني كل ما اندمج بسالفة بالدوام ومع ناس وايد اسكت فجاه اخاف اقط سبه بالغلط :(

Sumaiah said...

Then maybe we should challenge each other! Maybe then I'd stick to it :p