Wednesday, October 6, 2010

It's Been a month

So it's been a month since I applied for my dream job and still no answer. They said that if I was chosen to fill the vacancy they'll contact me within a month, so I guess this is it! It was "The Job", anything else won't be half as good.

I'm really really sick of being unemployed. I'm so desperate that I'm starting to regret rejecting elbaladeya! A couple of months ago I wouldn't even think twice about that awful place, but now I'm dreaming of being bored out of my mind while doing nothing as long as I'm sitting behind a disk!

I'm very depressed and unsatisfied! I don't want to be a couch potato anymore. I don't want to bake all day long, I didn't study my ass off to be Betty Crocker!


Anonymous said...

Sheno ehya ur dream job?

Sumaiah said...

A researcher at KISR. Studying was the highlight of my life, and by being a researcher I'm given an opportunity to study and grow intellectually all the time. Plus, I would've gotten to do some EIA ( environmental impact assessment) reports, and EIA was like my favorite subject back when I used to be in college.

I know how nerdy I sound, but this is who I am. I see myself there, working there is an investment in myself. Does that make any sense?

Vainglorious said...

egoloon kil ta25eera feha 5eeera, bs inshala u'll get it ;**

Sumaiah said...

Inshallah :)

I gave myself a week to be depressed now I'm starting to move on. Etha Allah kateb it'll happen :)

Slashy said...

It's their loss hal KIRS if they don't take u!


btw ana 7adi endemaaaj w wanasa awal mara a7eb le3ba chethy u need to convince 3amoor to buy it

la7ad al7een ga3da al3ab lara croft and the guardian of light ityanin!!!

Sumaiah said...

Yeah I would've made one nerdylicious reaesrcher:p

Looool shasawe o5oy gfl mo ra'6y yestaw3eb!!

Reema said...

i think you can still be a researcher with out a job... Like old-time scholars who did it for the fun of it.. You can expand, learn about new areas of interest... Call the baladiyya back see if they have an offer?

"I didn't study my ass off to be Betty Crocker!"

LOL! I am so quoting that.

Sumaiah said...

I'd love to do that, but the problem is that I have to have access to some data that here in our beloved country you can't get to if you're not a member of certain organizations! And we all know that you can never build a research paper with only literature reviews.

I'm not that depressed anymore, and I really don't want to settle.
Looool be my guest :p

Nice to have u here honey:)
Is it ok if I asked you to change your comment setting to have it in a separate page? I love your writings but I can't comment because I can't view the comment box from my BB!