Sunday, October 17, 2010

I'm Very Sick, Baby Me Damn it!!

The seasonal flu found it way to my system, thanks to my aunts and cousins! That's what you get from family, sanaseen oo araf!!

I hate being sick because I hate doctors and would never go see one unless the pain was so unbearable, and the flu is never that bad. I'm also known for being sick for months in a row because I never follow any treatment method, and I'm really not looking forward to that!

I'm being an extra de3la now that I'm sick oo want to be babied, bs mako fyda no one ma36eny wyh :(
I want chicken mushroom soup minus the mushroom without onions! I want it now, but I don't really like chicken soup so u all have to be creative :p
5ala9 I'll shut up bema ena ma 3endy salfa!


Ambrosial said...

Salamaaaat! Ma tshoufeen shr inshallah ;* Crap I know so many people with the flu these days! PPL KEEP YOUR DISTANCE! Last time I had a strong Flu was last yr, this time! I felt like I was going to die! I swear it was so painful, ili gomt bs agra lol I might post about it ;p

Drink lots of fluids girl, and u have all the right to be di3lah ;p

M7md Ghazi said...

Salamat ,, we are all going to catch it , I have like this "yearly sickness" that catch me after November :)

Godless Saudi said...

when you need something don't walk, just do the BARREL ROLL.

thecoconutcake said...

Salamaat!.. It is the season for all sorts of snot though :P 3adi 3adi, this too shall pass :P

q8othug said...

yeah its like when your sick you want people want to go 'poor thing! you're sick' but no they say 'fuck that! you're sick'

and then there is a notion of you being at fault for getting sick... the the F is that about ?

all i want is my maggi noddles soup, a whole loaf of toast and kraft cheese. is that too much to ask ?

Sumaiah said...

Allah ysalmech honey, weshar ma eyeech:*
Come let me give u a germ infested hug, grow some balls and take one for the team! Kaaaak even I think that I'm really not making sense now! :p

M7md ghazi:
Welcome to my blog sugar :)
Thank u, and u take care of urself being sick suck:(

U should stop drinking dude, even when I'm hallucinating I'm making more sense than u are :p

Allah ysalmech honey:*
Yeah but it still suck :(

Q80 Thug:
I know! Ambay my sisters are like "snap out of it!" And I'm like "are u stupid, I can't snap out of being sick!!"
Tell me about it! I didn't go asking for the flu ya3ny!!
I want burger and ice-cream, but so what it's still not too much to ask for!!

You could totally come be sick with me I can't make soup bs maggi magdoor 3alaiha :p

Vainglorious said...

Salamaaaaaaaat o matshofeeeen shar inshala ;*

Sumaiah said...

Allah ysalmech honey, weshar ma eyeech inshallah :**

Slashy said...

سلاماااااات :(

Sumaiah said...

Allah ysalmech 7abebty :*
It's ok, I'm ok :)