Monday, October 18, 2010

High on Vitamin C Dust

- It took me a whole day to take off the chipped nail polish and apply this, so I thought why not take a picture of my achievement (I'm being sarcastic, don't reduce me to a stupid fat blond!!). I remember my sister once sent me a picture of girls holding perfumes to show their nail polish, but that wasn't me (perfumes are meant to be sprayed on!) So I went with something more suitable :p
The picture suck because I'm too lazy to take pictures with a camera then send it, so I just take it with my sucky BB camera. I can't sleep, so I won't shut up any time soon and it's only getting more incoherant so buckle up :p

- I hate vitamin C, it tastes like the devil's puke! Especially the yellow one that looks like pee, come to think of it, it even tastes like pee! Well, I haven't tasted pee but if I had to guess I'd say that it tastes like yellow vitamin C! I remember having to drink vitamin C for 2 months when my surgery wound wouldn't heel. And the wound wasn't even worth it, it was like three stitches ya3ny give me a break!! But my sister was like take it so the wound will heel and u won't have an ugly keloid (google it, it's nasty in a cool way!) and man those are nasty even to me and I'm a big fan of scars!!

- In case you all haven't noticed I'm sleep deprived because I'm breathing funny which is nasty and annoying! Not sleeping and being sick is making me bitchy and fowl mouthed. Well, more bitchy and fowl mouthed to be exact! Which is particularly bad since facebook's starting to be my only joy in life and you know how when u comment on someone's status and the friends of that someone acts all dumb and I really can't tolerate dumb so I tend to insult them which never ends well! Once someone told me off because I said "bitch please" which is stupid! She was like "Sumaiah you wrote a very bad word....." Lool wallah seriously she thought that that was bad! To me "bitch please" is like "look honey" in Sumaiah language!! Anyways, my sisters aren't helping too, even though they know that I'm suffering but they're like "yallah 3ad snap out of it", "stop being a bitch", "DO NOT INSULT MY FRIEND", "en6amay", and I'm like I can't stop being sick! And they're not really helping with taking care of their poor sick sister so how do they expect me to be other than nasty!!

I could see this going on forever, and I don't even think that anyone is still reading my sick babbling so I should wrap it up! But unfortunately for u, this won't be the end of it. There's plenty from where that came from for later :p
I want shorba, no one made me any yet! I feel so neglected! The needy de3la is waking up, good morning world!


Godless Saudi said...

you got to swallow that vitamin c otherwise you gonna get scurvy =/
fortunately as an atheist I eat babies everyday so I don't need to worry about vitamin c.

Vainglorious said...

lol @ Godless Saudi

Did you go to the dr? I know u hate it but sometimes its necessary. ro7ay ya36onich ebra 10 minutes later mafeeech ila il3afya

Sumaiah said...

Owh ur concerned about my health, that's so cayooout!!
Honey you have it all wrong, what ur doing is cannibalism not atheism! :p

Isn't he adorable!!
Do not insult me missy!! I'm not going to the doctors, and no doctor's coming to me! Oooh needles are cool, I should totally go donate blood once I get well (soon inshallah!) :)

Ambrosial said...

LOOL! I second Vainglorious. U'll feel a lot better :)

Slashy said...

أنا كل الفيتامينات والأدوية والماي وأي شي صحي!!

شرايح الحين فيني؟ حسيتي أحسن شوي؟ :p

ترا أظافرج مافيهم شي.. عجبوني!

Sumaiah said...

No one's allowed to tell me to go to any "mighty as god" doctor ever again!!

7ayatee entay, yes I'm much better now :**
Owh, thank you :*