Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Freezing Stinky Cry Baby?

I feel like shit since I can't smell or taste. I can't till if I stink or if mom's sneaking onions or other healthy vigies in my food:p
Speaking of mom, today she finally made me soup :D
I had to ask for it and she made it a day later but still I felt awwwwwwh! I'm really hard on my mom but I think I love her! Whatever, moving on!

My stupid bathroom mafy ella may bared (not normal cold, freezing cold!). I'm not a fan of hot baths, but freezing cold baths are not my thing either! So yesterday I was already miserable and when I got under the shower head and had a taste of that shocking surprise I went like *shock* *shiver* *gasp* *weap* *snif* *cough* *cry* *sneez* *freez* *die*! Except that I wasn't lucky enough to die, so I sat under the cold water tired and crying!! But it's ok since I'm having so much fun laughing about it now :p

I haven't left home since I've gotten sick, haven't left the sofa 7atta mo bs home! Is the weather still as sexy as it was when I last was out? I'm craving burgers and ice-cream, should I go get some?


Vainglorious said...

LOOOL!! I'm sorry dont mean to enjoy ur misery but its darn hilarious ;p

What is that disgusting looking thing?! I hope its not ur soup ;p

The weather is not as good as last week, so your not missing anything. Hope you feel better soooon ;***

Sumaiah said...

Loooool la it's ok, I would've laughed if it was u :p

Yes it's my soup. Didn't ur mama teach u to have food manners :p

Good :D
Thank u honey, ur a doll :**