Monday, October 4, 2010

Ana el7ezaira!

El7ezaira is a game that two of my cousins and my older brother used to play with me. What's the game all about? It's all about protecting el7ezaira (me) from being hit by carrying me from place to place. What I'm not sure is whether 1 protects me from the other two who are trying to hit me, or the other way around. When they first told me about that game I was angry for being used at first, but then I couldn't help but feel treasured and important. I mean those boys fought for me! And even though they did it to entertain themselves, it still made me feel special.

What ruined everything for me though is that one of them grew up and thought of playing another game, he molested me! It's a shame though that two of them couldn't protect me from what one of them did!

On a lighter note, I'm guessing that erab6a elly 3alla rely foug is part of a leash that someone must've used for a different game:p


Vainglorious said...

u were such a cute baaby ;**

Sumaiah said...

Yes I was a cuddly talking monkey :p