Saturday, September 4, 2010

Please Be Ok!

Ever since I was little I had troubles with making new friends. I was blessed to find great people here, who have no problems with my weirdness. When I first started this I didn't think that I'll last, and I sure didn't expect anyone to take time to read about my daily drama! But what didn't even cross my mind is that I'll make new friends.

Having so little friends makes losing one of them extra hard. Not being able to wake up and read about how their day went plane suck. Not being able to check their blog every 5 minutes creates a void that sure is hard to fill. And having that friend disappear without prior notice and without giving you a mean of getting in touch is the cherry decorating that awful treat!

Please if you're out there reading this contact one of us, we just want to make sure that you're ok! We're all worried about you please don't leave us hanging.



q8othug said...

i forgot to tell her to add me when she made the blog private, can you tell me what were she saying at that time before completely going AWOL ?

Ambrosial said...

I hope she's ok :/ Inshallah maku ela el3afyah

Sumaiah said...

I didn't get to red the last post! I was sleeping and by the time I woke up the blog was no longer there! Her e-mail doesn't exist anymore too!

The entry before it was so random, it was about eljamarek and we were all joking and everything was ok. I want to be angry at her but I just can't, I'm so worried about her this is so not cool!!

Vainglorious said...

I really hope this is some kind of prank! I'm getting worried!!

Sumaiah said...

Inshallah! Let's hope for the best!