Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My FIERCE Bed :p

So this is my bed! It's one of a kind, etha legataw methla in another 21 year old girl's room I'm welling to give you anything, and I do mean anything!:p

It's actually the bed that I had as a child! When I was old enough and had a new room I just didn't want to part with it lanna it was made especially for me. I remember when we were younger, me and my sisters used to climb all the way to the top (it's a very big bed as you can see from the amount of crap elly mlazgeta 3alay!) and then jump on the bed( can't show the lower part of the bed because then you'll be blinded by how messy my room is!), loool ya3ny stunt women!:p

The only problem with my bed is that it's pink and purple (SHUT UP!). I'm not a girly girl, in fact I'm kind of a tomboy, so I hate hate HATE those colors. I haven't repainted it yet thu because I'm lazy! I had people come and move my furniture to the middle of the room and paint my walls white because I wanted to do my own room make over. Well, years went by and I still have white walls, pink and purple furniture (it comes with a matching night stand, and dresser. SHUT UP!) In the middle of the room!!

I'm not childish (or even a child at heart! I'm a grumpy old hag at heart!:p), and I don't believe that I used to love my homey furniture as a child as much as I do today. Anyone who knows me enough will read my name all over my room (even without the mess!), it has attitude, my attitude :)


sweetd said...

cuteee :D it's nice to keep parts of ur childhood in ur room..u shud have seen my curtains :P

Slashy said...


loool tara ana my room is from 9faat elghanem the kids section Shhsshh :/

Sumaiah said...

Sweet D:
It's not cute, it's fierce!
Yeah there's stuff that u just can't let go of :)

Don't say that, it's not cute! It's homey!:p

Loool I guess we're holding on to childhood with dear life, maybe it will give use some of our innocence back!
Me and my blog missed u, welcome back:**

Vainglorious said...

LOOOOOL!!! sorry couldn't help myself ;p

But its cuuute ;p

Sumaiah said...

Ur meeeeeeeeean! It's not cute, it's awesome!
There's a whole vocabulary out there, why do u all have to choose cute!!:@

Ambrosial said...

LOOOL Wla tz3leeen it's "Pretty" ;p

Sumaiah said...

Not u too! It's fabulous and ur all jealous because u can't get one, and that's why ur all teasing me!:p