Monday, September 6, 2010

It's So Boring I'm Gonna Die

So, I'm bored!

Not everyday bored, super extra bored!!



That's all, I just wanted to say that I'm bored!


sweetd said...

:P okay we all get bored but we dont draw on our hands and smoke a cig:P but u deal with it ur own way :D maybe it's not urs:P

Anonymous said...

Wid ?!?! Your beauty mark on your hand

Sumaiah said...

Sweet D:
No, I'm like bored to the extent! If boredom was to have another name it'll "Sumaiah's life"!:p
What's not mine? I'm pretty slow these days!:p

It was made with a black pen, totally transferable!:p
Sorry to disappoint! I have other beauty marks though, care to see!:p

Vainglorious said...

LOL I want more pictures!! ;p

Sumaiah said...

Go to flicker or something, I'm not here for ur entertainment girl!:p
I did find some cute tafawo8 pictures of me as an angel. They're too cute thu, and not funny so I don't know!

I have to apply for a job now when I'd rather do something fun :(
What do normal ppl do for fun?

Godless Saudi said...

Hang out with friends.

Sumaiah said...

Define "friends". Loool no I really have friends believe it or not, I just don't feel like planning something! My friends are not spontaneous, it takes to much energy to get together!!

Ambrosial said...

LOOL! I liked it! Ur creative mashallah ;p We wanna see more!

Sumaiah said...

You can't be very creative when you can't show that much skin! I could make crazy faces using my belly button, but I can't show it here!
Hmmmmm I have to think of something!

Wait or I don't have to think of anything! Look sister, again I'm not her for your entertainment!!:p

Godless Saudi said...

find new ones

Sumaiah said...

I kinda love them some times, but this might be a good idea!:p
I mean I'm kinda funny, it shouldn't be that hard finding fun friends!
Heeey don't be silly, I love my friend(yes I only have one real close friend).

The Stig said...

Let the other hand kiss this one..

show me some action :P

I know you're not here for entertaining me, but why not..

oh! I forgot! if the two hands are kissing.. you need a third hand to take the picture!


Sumaiah said...

I make bratz porn, there can't be anymore action than that!:p

I could totally take a picture with my toe! But again, I'm not here for ur entertainment!:p

5/4 said...

looool need more!