Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The End of Semo the Entertainer

I'm out of creativity guys, this is the end of my life as an entertainer.

This piece of art (looool shut up and let me have my fun!) Is made from a single tissue paper. It captures such row emotions of pain and agony probably caused from some sort of abuse. The facial expressions are of a person who just gave up. Loooool you know I'm just messing with you! I thought why not make use of the art appreciation class that I had to take back in college :p
I need to get a life, I know!


The Stig said...

What's your major ?

cuz am starting to re-think of hiring you :P

Sumaiah said...

Environmental technology management.
Not artistic in any way! I just come from a very artistic family, but that gene skipped me as well!:p

Who said that I'd want to work with you after what you said yesterday! I'll find some other dumb employer who'll hire me!:p

Vainglorious said...

oh no! I don't want it to be over!! I'm pretty much enjoying the entertainment along with your feisty attitude ;p

Sumaiah said...

Owh noooo I guess unicorns aren't real too, life doesn't always go ur way, deal with it!!

Sugar sweets if u want feisty that's what ur getting!:p

The Stig said...

Environmental technology management!

Ahhaaaa maybe that's why you mentioned that you used only one tissue! Hope it is used and recycled too :p

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