Wednesday, September 22, 2010

College Election and Prostitution

During my college years I've managed to avoid the stupidity of college elections and the idiocity of the whole 6rara session that two parties choose to endure for something as trivial as being in charge of a stupid jam3eya!!

Unfortunately, today I was forced to go with Mesho to her college to participate in a ritual that resembles prostitution to me!

Each 8a2ema occupies a corner, the girls from each corner start to flaunt the merchandise, while dirty looking the girls from the other corner. If one of the opposing whores approached the other corner and tried to steel the client all hell breaks loose! If one party abandons it's strategic corner for a nano second, it will get snatched by the whores from the other party. I might be exaggerating but really there is some truth to what I'm saying! I could go on and on about this but I'm not in the mood, so use your imagination and imagine that I've elaborated:p

So girls and boys I have one advise for you, never leave your corners!:p


The Stig said...

I used to go to the cinema on the elections day :P

Sumaiah said...

A7sanlek! Ana kent ag3ad wat6amash 3anas elmeshta6een!:p

Vainglorious said...

LOL love the description!

I've never attended elections day ;p

Agonized Vamp said...

Yal chalbaaaaaaa x"D
Can't believe ya posted it and thank god ya didn't elaborate!
We do this 2 help el.mostajdeen and some times the lil things actually decides 4'em 2 choose who yom el.ente5abat..y3ny 4 me, I really liked it last year when they woke up everyday in the mornin' and spent time with us 8bl bdayat class english x) (+el.banat eyannenon o 7dhom nice)

Sumaiah said...

I aim to please :D
Well, I might like u after all:p

Oh now u've converted me! I love them, I want to be them, better yet I want them, NOT!!:p