Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Chelsea, MARRY ME!!

I've always found myself more attracted to female personals. I could easily skip from one attraction (I don't crush, shut up!) to another. My current attraction is the sensational Chelsea Handler.

That girl is very funny, I'm practically obsessing about her! Her smile.... Ahhh I can't even describe how tingley it makes me feel (owh behave!). that voice of hers, it's music to my ears. I WANT HER!!

Every time anyone asked me what famous guy do I find attractive, my answer is "I'm not sure!". But ask me about my favorite female famous personal and I'll give you a very long list!

As you can see I'm not pretty sure about my orientation. I've been advised to experiment, do some trial and error until I finally decide which way do I desire to proceed. Care to be part of my sexual experiment?:p

P.s: I'll forever love you Chelsea, no matter how this ends up :**

Pss: I just realized that when I'm sleep deprived I don't make any sense, and when I have too much sleep I still don't make sense! Looool I guess I just don't make sense :p


The Stig said...

A girl that loves another girl !


what do we call that!

Godless Saudi said...

sorry she is taken.

Sumaiah said...

The Stig:
What is a "lesbian"?:p
I'm pretty much undecided still, I had some pretty unsuccessful relationships so I'm not sure!!

Godless saudi:
Hey brother keep ur paws away from my baby, or u'll lose it!!

Vainglorious said...

5ala9 wala ehemich I'll pull my strings, make some fone calls and hook u up with her ;p

Sumaiah said...

You wouldn't get to her even if u pulled all ur imaginary strings! Your so not cool enough to know my baby!! Truth hurt, but u know I'm telling u this because I love u!:p

Vainglorious said...

lol fine then dont cry me a river when I get her for Godless Saudi ;p

Sumaiah said...

Poor vainglorious so delusional 7aram! How many times do I have to tell u to stop popping those pills, cuz they're starting to effect ur brain sweetheart!
Plus, godless saudi doesn't have a chance against me. Girl u know I'm fabulous!!:p

Agonized Vamp said...

3aaaaayb, DooDa :p
If I dun get Allen then ya dun get her

Sumaiah said...

No way! Ellen's mine too! Oo ba3dain no one's getting Ellen, she's already married:(