Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Boredom = Stupidity

This is not me caving to your demands of another dose of stupid. This is me trying to use my brain since I have no school anymore!

Do you think that anyone will hire me if they knew that I do this when bored?


The Stig said...


I will not hire you, is it your first time to be so bored!

If it wasn't Ramadan i would've told you what to do next :P

Sumaiah said...

Why not! I'm smart, hard working, and a bit crazy, and that's what set me apart!

I need to get laid I know! If it wasn't for my stupid self respect!:p

babbleq8 said...

LOLOLOL.. u are hilarious!!
Nice blog, I'll pop back soon!

Vainglorious said...

LOOOL! I called the boss, your hired!!

Congratulations, you are now hired as my Personal Entertainer ;p

The Stig said...

Smart and hard working!
hmm.. this is almost what dumb employers look for :P

God bless your Boredom :P

Sumaiah said...

Babble Q8:
Owh thank u, it's nice coming from a mom :*
Moms tend to hate me for some reason :s
your welcome to come back at any time, I'm honored to have you here :)

Look lady, when I said that I'm no one's entertainer I meant it so back off!:p
One more remark of this kind and I'll go back to posting endless posts about how much my parents don't like me, and trust me I can fill spaces with that!:p

The Stig:
So, what dumb institute do you work for then!:p

Ambrosial said...

loool That actually cheered me up! Your one of a kind, u should have ur own show "Bored=Stupidity!" ;p Yallah prepare for next Ramadan to have ur own show ;)

Sumaiah said...

Owh, I'm really glad that it did :)

If you keep giving me too much credit I might fall for you girly, watch out!:p

Ooooh little screen watch out for fabulous me!:p

Godless Saudi said...

Ok, now I'm scared.

Sumaiah said...

And why is that? This is totally normal!:p

5/4 said...

we need more volume editions of these posts :p