Sunday, September 12, 2010

Blah Blah Hmmmmm

- No celebration is completed here without fooooood, lots and lots of yummy not so healthy food. And me being me I have to have'em all, which is not a very good thing I suppose:p

- Now that I'm gaining weight (bad:s) and my boobs are starting to fill up again (good:D), I realized that I want a boob job (I blame Dr 90210)!

- I'm watching too much reality shows, and I think that my IQ's dropping down by the second.

- I need a job

- I want to sleeep, I'm so tired all the time it's not funny!

- I miss watching el3eyal kebret oo madrasat elmosha'3ebeen.

- oooooooh yummy food on TV *drools*

- I'm feeling skeptical about our graduation party.

- You might find this hard to believe, but I'm a very cheerful girl! I'm very dramatic here because I don't get to be gloomy in person.

- I giggle when I'm sad, I giggle when I'm scared, I giggle when I get bad news, I even giggled when some one got on an accident and died!

- I want to marry Martha Stewart and Nigella Lawson:p

- The plate above is almost empty now and we didn't have that much visitors:p

- I trust google with my life!

- When people tell me that I'm unique, they mean that I'm super weird.

- Is this good enough Slashy?
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Slashy said...

LOOOL! 7adah it is good

what reality shows are u watching? plz dont tell me the jersey shore? eshda3wa ana emsakta :p i watch keeping up with the kardashians i even bough the first season min amazon hah!

u know the first time i saw the pic bil post i thought it was a necklace SHAKO I know.. bas madry in9edamt laman darayt inah food :p

ur graduation party emhabebeen u guys need to talk to them coz may9eer chethy

inshallah u'll find a job asap :*

Slashy said...

made this profile so commenting will be easy

Sumaiah said...

Kendra, Kimora Lee Simmons's show, some times the kardashianes, akeed Dr.90210, pretty wild, etc etc. I pretty much watch everything that I could find!:p

Loool a very yummy necklace indeed!:p
I don't blame you, the pictures that I take suck:p

7adhom mbad3een I want to murder them! Ma shafaw 6anagry tarra a5as mn 6anager el3abeed, etha they didn't clean up their act they're going to get a piece of my mind!

Owh thank you, ee 7adda I need da3watkom:*

Charles said...

Screw a Job .... Create multiple income sources!

Here's a free one and I've got more....

Chuck F.

PS You get $50 free with this one!

The Stig said...

Get a **** Job :P

Godless Saudi said...

They took youuur jooooooop

Sumaiah said...

Are you sick of being a douchebag? Come join Sumaiah's rehab center, where hitting is the only constant!

The Stig:
Very helpful indeed! Why do I even bother!!

Godless saudi:
They took mah jooooooob
They took mah jooooooob
Ooooh lowd they took mah joooooob
Loool thanks for sharing, that really made me giggle :p

Slashy said...

When are you going to update? Ma 9araaat! It's been YEARS.

*Slashy has entered the Stalking Phase since few minutes ago*

Sumaiah said...

Loool I have to pee but I don't feel like moving, that's how lazy I'm being. And u want me to write something coherent, 9a3ba 3alaich!:p