Friday, September 3, 2010

Always the Party Planner, Never the Party Girl!

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm obsessed with birthdays and birthday parties. Whenever there's a party to plan I'm the first to come to. Even if planning a party (especially a surprise ones) is very exhausting and time consuming, I believe that time spent planning a party is time well spent.

Ironically, no one ever threw me a surprise party (there was an attempt by my friends but it wasn't much of a surprise!). I had 3 birthday parties to show for my 21 years of living, all thrown by friends, and 2 of them don't count as parties (a cake and some candles).

Mind you, I really don't care about being thrown a party or being totally forgotten about. By now I'm used to not doing anything memorable on my birthday and I stopped hoping for a change.

What I really want now is for me to throw my own party. My birthday's on the 11th of Feb, I know that there's ages to go but since I'm always bored I figured why not start planning. I'll be 22 in my next birthday and it's a special year for me because I love number 2 (stupid reason I know! But I passed all of the milestones legreba!).

On my last birthday I wore a tiara for the whole day, it was a warm up for what to come! This upcoming year I'm thinking a masquerade, what do you think?
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5 comments: said...

ilmohim 3izmeena, this sounds like something they should film for that MTV show, "sweet 16" or something. over the top :P

Sumaiah said...

Afa 3alaich awal elma3zomeen entaw :)
Looool ee ba6ale3 7arat sneeeeeen! 6ool 3omry madagreny wa3alaya 3aley 5al awanes 3omry shway :p

Vainglorious said...

Heeyyy your birthday on February too?! That automatically moves you to the cool list! ;p

How about a costume party?! lol madri eshyayni 3al costume parties 6ufoola mota25ira perhaps? ;p
Whatever you decide on doing, I will be expecting an invitation!

Sumaiah said...

Ur born on February? Yeah we're the coolest :D

Loool yemken! Bs 5ala9 ze3t el costume parties mn kether ma re7t'hom!! Kl enas habaw fehom all of a sudden! Afa 3alaich once I decide on what to do oo ma7ad ye'6'3a6ny out of it, I'll be expecting you all to come:)

Vainglorious said...

Yes I was born on february :D

Yaaaaay I will be waiting for my invitation ;p