Friday, September 10, 2010

3eed Blues

I'm eating cold (precooked) meat at 3:50 am, so we all know that it's 3eed time! Don't get me wrong, I used to love 3eed when I was younger. I mean what's not to love, money, a chance to go play with other kids, money, finding out who received more 3edeyas in the house, and then bragging about it, blowing that money on video games and junk food.

Now that I'm older, I don't like being around children, I don't need new toys, I don't want to be around family, I still love money but that's just not enough to make me oblige. What I want to see is the end floods and droughts, starvation, poverty. I want to see social justice, I want to believe that we could stop pumping green gases into the atmosphere and reveres the effect of global warming, I want to stop war. I want to believe that good things could still happen to me, I want to be able to dream, I need to be loved again.

If your asking yourselves about why I'm not happy because 3eed is our way, It's because none of what would make me happy's happening, so why should I be extra happy today?

3eedcom mbarak you all anyways!


5/4 said...

Well I hate 3eid too. It's pointless w ma minah fayda it always made me feel blue. Screw the money! 3eid is BAAAAAAAAD :p

You know today I'm feeling so gloomy coz this is the first 3eid for me without my mother. Also you know eli I emailed you about :p

I love u :**

P.S: You need to entertain us more LOOOOL

Sumaiah said...

Are u stalking me woman?:p
I've missed u here 7abebty, this made my day:**

I'll entertain whenever I feel like it lady!:p

5/4 said...

im stalking u everywhere LOOOL

i sent u an email bas elgmail app is STUPID!! i cant find it anywhere now


im in a big shitty mood!!

Ambrosial said...

Yeah today wasn't the same for me either! I spent my Eid in bed texting and shutting the joyful occasion away! lol ;p I feel blue too :(

Fraction a.k.a 5/4: Ishda3waah 3a6enh wayh! We miss u;* :)

Sumaiah said...

Yeah depression is on the air!

Hey lady get ur own stalker! Leave slashy alone, she's mine!:p said...

3eedich imbarak Samsameya, and smile for once taraach ta3abteeny.

oo 3eedich imbarak ya Slashy, ma3 iny za3lana mnich 7edy oo m7arbitich :|

Sumaiah said...

Loool I'm starting to bore myself too! But I'm not always like this, some times I'm worse :p

La tez3eleen 3alla slashy! She means well :)

Vainglorious said...

3eed is not like how it used to be!

Slashy! How come ur only stalking sumiah?! She sucks! I'm waay cooler and I have super powers! ;p

5/4 said...

ambrosial: wallah kelikom on my mind bas im too busy stalking sumaiah! shes my OCD target atm! 3eedich imbarak :*

dodo: afaa afaa lesh lesh :( u know im innocent! i love u :***

vainglorious: i'd love to stalk u bas unfortunately im already reserved w my OCD is programmed on Sumaiah.. she's my main target now LOL

Sumaiah said...

Girl u need to stop being a hater u troll! And I DO NOT suck, your just jealous!
Slashy babe don't believe what she says, she doesn't have any power, except the power to talk from her ass maybe!:p
Ouch I'm on fire!:p

You all have to chill and let my pwetty stalker be! Your all gonna have ur turn 9a7 slashy!