Saturday, September 25, 2010

I'm Cool, and I Pee Standing Up

- Today's my graduation party :)
I think it's gonna suck but so what! I'm glad that I'd get to see my doctors and friends :D

- I got nominated to work fy elbaladeya, now everyone's calling me elba6a elbaladeya (not cool, shut up!)! I'm rejecting the offer though lanna come on ya3ny I'll die of ba6ala mo8ana3a there!!

- I was going to wear my black and white skull Vans shoes for graduation but my older sister told me that she won't come if I did. She also told me that I should go get myself some heels for a change, so I went and bought some girly flats... What I'm compromising!

- After years of practice I conquered the girl inside and managed to pee standing up. Guys, you ain't got nothing on me now!:p

- And in case you haven't noticed, I'm extremely cool :p

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

College Election and Prostitution

During my college years I've managed to avoid the stupidity of college elections and the idiocity of the whole 6rara session that two parties choose to endure for something as trivial as being in charge of a stupid jam3eya!!

Unfortunately, today I was forced to go with Mesho to her college to participate in a ritual that resembles prostitution to me!

Each 8a2ema occupies a corner, the girls from each corner start to flaunt the merchandise, while dirty looking the girls from the other corner. If one of the opposing whores approached the other corner and tried to steel the client all hell breaks loose! If one party abandons it's strategic corner for a nano second, it will get snatched by the whores from the other party. I might be exaggerating but really there is some truth to what I'm saying! I could go on and on about this but I'm not in the mood, so use your imagination and imagine that I've elaborated:p

So girls and boys I have one advise for you, never leave your corners!:p

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Can't Bleed and Think!

That's ladies and gentlemen gives you a glimpse of what I do while all of you losers are slaving ur asses off at work!:p

This is the not so good life people!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Chelsea, MARRY ME!!

I've always found myself more attracted to female personals. I could easily skip from one attraction (I don't crush, shut up!) to another. My current attraction is the sensational Chelsea Handler.

That girl is very funny, I'm practically obsessing about her! Her smile.... Ahhh I can't even describe how tingley it makes me feel (owh behave!). that voice of hers, it's music to my ears. I WANT HER!!

Every time anyone asked me what famous guy do I find attractive, my answer is "I'm not sure!". But ask me about my favorite female famous personal and I'll give you a very long list!

As you can see I'm not pretty sure about my orientation. I've been advised to experiment, do some trial and error until I finally decide which way do I desire to proceed. Care to be part of my sexual experiment?:p

P.s: I'll forever love you Chelsea, no matter how this ends up :**

Pss: I just realized that when I'm sleep deprived I don't make any sense, and when I have too much sleep I still don't make sense! Looool I guess I just don't make sense :p

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Blah Blah Hmmmmm

- No celebration is completed here without fooooood, lots and lots of yummy not so healthy food. And me being me I have to have'em all, which is not a very good thing I suppose:p

- Now that I'm gaining weight (bad:s) and my boobs are starting to fill up again (good:D), I realized that I want a boob job (I blame Dr 90210)!

- I'm watching too much reality shows, and I think that my IQ's dropping down by the second.

- I need a job

- I want to sleeep, I'm so tired all the time it's not funny!

- I miss watching el3eyal kebret oo madrasat elmosha'3ebeen.

- oooooooh yummy food on TV *drools*

- I'm feeling skeptical about our graduation party.

- You might find this hard to believe, but I'm a very cheerful girl! I'm very dramatic here because I don't get to be gloomy in person.

- I giggle when I'm sad, I giggle when I'm scared, I giggle when I get bad news, I even giggled when some one got on an accident and died!

- I want to marry Martha Stewart and Nigella Lawson:p

- The plate above is almost empty now and we didn't have that much visitors:p

- I trust google with my life!

- When people tell me that I'm unique, they mean that I'm super weird.

- Is this good enough Slashy?
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Friday, September 10, 2010

3eed Blues

I'm eating cold (precooked) meat at 3:50 am, so we all know that it's 3eed time! Don't get me wrong, I used to love 3eed when I was younger. I mean what's not to love, money, a chance to go play with other kids, money, finding out who received more 3edeyas in the house, and then bragging about it, blowing that money on video games and junk food.

Now that I'm older, I don't like being around children, I don't need new toys, I don't want to be around family, I still love money but that's just not enough to make me oblige. What I want to see is the end floods and droughts, starvation, poverty. I want to see social justice, I want to believe that we could stop pumping green gases into the atmosphere and reveres the effect of global warming, I want to stop war. I want to believe that good things could still happen to me, I want to be able to dream, I need to be loved again.

If your asking yourselves about why I'm not happy because 3eed is our way, It's because none of what would make me happy's happening, so why should I be extra happy today?

3eedcom mbarak you all anyways!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fuck Off

Warning: don't read this! I repeat DO NOT READ THIS ENTRY! And if you did please don't act all wise on my ass! You can't fix this just as much as I can't! If I'm being whiny and dramatic then it's my fucking right to be so!! Just fuck off all of you and I'll just be fine tomorrow!

"Hatha ermo'6anech! Mjabal talfezion ly elfayer oo noum ly el3a9er!"

Fuck him! What does he know about rm'6any! He wasn't even around! Why does he always have to put us down! Does he think that having a long beard puts him in good relations with Allah, and that gives him the right to be mean with his kids! Why doesn't he ever notice the good traits that we have? Does he always have to pick on what he thinks we're doing wrong? I know that he's weak unless I empower him, so why am I giving him control over my life! Even wife beaters are braver than him, at least those bruises heal, unlike the damage that he's causing that will never heal!

Why did my mom stay with him? Does she think that she's doing us a favor by doing that? Why does she always have to take his side? Why does he have to be nice to everyone, so when we complain everyone tells us that he's as holy as god! If he hates us that much then why can't he leave us and go pick on another family!

How come he's the only one who can make me feel this bad? How come it's his love that I yearn for and run away from at the same time? How come he doesn't like us this much but still manages to stick around? Does he find strength in causing us pain? Is it his way of saying I love you back?

I used to forgive him because he had a mentally abusive mom. He's messing us up because she messed him up before. But shouldn't he protect us from what he went through! He of all people should know that guilt triping your child will eventually lead them to snap!

I can't take being in this much pain for long. I won't stay, I'm not mom. I won't be the weak dumb women that I make fun of when they come up on TV! I just need to work for my ticket out of here, and not through marriage that is!

I want to hate him. I want to tell him how mean and weak he is. I want to hurt him just as much as he's hurting me. But because I love him I could only wish that he was gone!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The End of Semo the Entertainer

I'm out of creativity guys, this is the end of my life as an entertainer.

This piece of art (looool shut up and let me have my fun!) Is made from a single tissue paper. It captures such row emotions of pain and agony probably caused from some sort of abuse. The facial expressions are of a person who just gave up. Loooool you know I'm just messing with you! I thought why not make use of the art appreciation class that I had to take back in college :p
I need to get a life, I know!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Boredom = Stupidity

This is not me caving to your demands of another dose of stupid. This is me trying to use my brain since I have no school anymore!

Do you think that anyone will hire me if they knew that I do this when bored?

Monday, September 6, 2010

It's So Boring I'm Gonna Die

So, I'm bored!

Not everyday bored, super extra bored!!



That's all, I just wanted to say that I'm bored!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

She6ary Tears!

I totally forgot about my tear ducts for a while, but then I don't know what happened and it's like my body remembered all about them again! I've been crying over everything for the past couple of days and it's getting to be so irritating!

Yesterday I cried for 2 hours straight because dad was being dad! I cried for not making him love us just as much as he loves everyone but us. I cried for not being able to protect Mesho and 3amoor from having to wait for a change that will never be! I cried for not being able to love them enough to eliminate his role! I cried for loving him even if he's this mean! I cried now even when that's how it has always been!

Then I cried for growing up to be this emotionally impaired! I cried for the mistakes I've made over the years. I cried for people I lost along the way. I cried over the loud shrieks my nephews were making. I cried for nothing and for everything all the same!

I used to be the girl who says "why cry if it's not gonna accomplish anything!". I feel so ridiculous for not being able to stop! It feels like my tear ducts are making up for lost times. Now I have a souring headache to top it all! I want this to stop at once, I just want to be rational and stone hearted again!

Slashy babe if you're reading this please let us know how you're doing. We're all worried about you!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Please Be Ok!

Ever since I was little I had troubles with making new friends. I was blessed to find great people here, who have no problems with my weirdness. When I first started this I didn't think that I'll last, and I sure didn't expect anyone to take time to read about my daily drama! But what didn't even cross my mind is that I'll make new friends.

Having so little friends makes losing one of them extra hard. Not being able to wake up and read about how their day went plane suck. Not being able to check their blog every 5 minutes creates a void that sure is hard to fill. And having that friend disappear without prior notice and without giving you a mean of getting in touch is the cherry decorating that awful treat!

Please if you're out there reading this contact one of us, we just want to make sure that you're ok! We're all worried about you please don't leave us hanging.


Friday, September 3, 2010

Always the Party Planner, Never the Party Girl!

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm obsessed with birthdays and birthday parties. Whenever there's a party to plan I'm the first to come to. Even if planning a party (especially a surprise ones) is very exhausting and time consuming, I believe that time spent planning a party is time well spent.

Ironically, no one ever threw me a surprise party (there was an attempt by my friends but it wasn't much of a surprise!). I had 3 birthday parties to show for my 21 years of living, all thrown by friends, and 2 of them don't count as parties (a cake and some candles).

Mind you, I really don't care about being thrown a party or being totally forgotten about. By now I'm used to not doing anything memorable on my birthday and I stopped hoping for a change.

What I really want now is for me to throw my own party. My birthday's on the 11th of Feb, I know that there's ages to go but since I'm always bored I figured why not start planning. I'll be 22 in my next birthday and it's a special year for me because I love number 2 (stupid reason I know! But I passed all of the milestones legreba!).

On my last birthday I wore a tiara for the whole day, it was a warm up for what to come! This upcoming year I'm thinking a masquerade, what do you think?
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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Introducing Lailo

ليلو هذي خالتي اللي أحن علي من أمي و أقرب لي من أختي لكبيرة و غلاتها من غلات رفيجتي!

ليلو إهيا ذا كوولست خالة اللي أي أحد ممكن يحلم فيها. ياما سمعتلي لما كنت متأزمة. ياما طلعتني لما كنت ملانة. و لو كنت من النوع اللي يتكلم، إهي بتكون من أول الناس اللي بيعطوني ويه.

أكثر شي خالتي اتحب تذكرني في أهوا انها بدلت حفاظتي يوم أنا صغيرة، وأنا أحب أذكرها إني كنت انجل بيبي و كنت انحب. و أكثر شي نتشابة في أنا وياها أهوا النحاسة، احنا الثنتين من انحس بنات العائلة. لما نتجابل محد يقدر يوقفنا، وير اندستركتبل!

يمكن تحسبون انها بيرفكت، بس للأسف عندها نفسيا ما في منها ثنتين بهالديرة، لما اتنفس لا يحوشك!! بس حتى لو تنفس علي طول الوقت راح استحمل لأنها حبيبتي و أمي بالتبني بالاجبار! قبل جم سنا كنت أقول حق ماما عودتي (الله يرحمها) انها تتبناني لأني أحسن بنت في العالم، و ماما عودة كانت تقولي "ولي مناك شسوي فيج اتبناج و عقبها تعرسين و تهديني" (الله يرحمها كان حسبالها في أحد يبي حفيدتها الويردو!). سو عقب ما يدتي توفت خالتي ورثتني للأسف! سو ناو أنا غاصبتها تصير أمي، أدري انها تحبني بس ما تعرف شلون توريني (غصب بتلزق عمرها!).

ليولا هذي ذهبا، صج بالفترة الأخيرة كانت أعصابها تعبانة شويا لأنا كان عندها ظروف قاهرة (من زمان و أنا أبي استعمل هالكلمة!) بس إهيا انسانة قلبها طيب و ماكو منها ثنتين. إهيا نصيرت الشباب و حبيبة الكل. كلنا نتمني انها ترد مثل قبل، بس إذا ما كان ودها ستيل احنا راح نتم انحبها. هذي كتكوتي و أمي (رضت واللا انرضت) و أختي و رفيجتي وكلي. خالتي ليلى أحبج و أموت فيييييييييج يالغالية:*

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My FIERCE Bed :p

So this is my bed! It's one of a kind, etha legataw methla in another 21 year old girl's room I'm welling to give you anything, and I do mean anything!:p

It's actually the bed that I had as a child! When I was old enough and had a new room I just didn't want to part with it lanna it was made especially for me. I remember when we were younger, me and my sisters used to climb all the way to the top (it's a very big bed as you can see from the amount of crap elly mlazgeta 3alay!) and then jump on the bed( can't show the lower part of the bed because then you'll be blinded by how messy my room is!), loool ya3ny stunt women!:p

The only problem with my bed is that it's pink and purple (SHUT UP!). I'm not a girly girl, in fact I'm kind of a tomboy, so I hate hate HATE those colors. I haven't repainted it yet thu because I'm lazy! I had people come and move my furniture to the middle of the room and paint my walls white because I wanted to do my own room make over. Well, years went by and I still have white walls, pink and purple furniture (it comes with a matching night stand, and dresser. SHUT UP!) In the middle of the room!!

I'm not childish (or even a child at heart! I'm a grumpy old hag at heart!:p), and I don't believe that I used to love my homey furniture as a child as much as I do today. Anyone who knows me enough will read my name all over my room (even without the mess!), it has attitude, my attitude :)