Sunday, August 29, 2010

Not So Random

- I organize my novels by order of preference. This is my top shelf, so it contains my favorite novels.
- No one told me to count backward when I was being anesthetized.
- My healthy life style is not going well anymore.
- Even if I act like I'm over you, you're still going to be in my life.
- I'm bored from the moment that I wake up to the moment that I go back to sleep.
- I miss being loved!
- Even if I'm complaining right now, I'm still happy with the way life is going :)
- I miss my shows! Was going to catch up on them once I graduated, haven't done that yet!
- A large percentage of my body is covered with scars, 50% of those were self inflected.
- I love myself the most now.
- I thrive on confrontation some times, and run away from them other times.
- I think that once I leave home my life will be mine at last.
- I hate markers and post-its.
- I don't underline important info, in fact if you see anything underlined it means that I didn't read it!
- I think that I have early onset Alzheimer's.
- I know that I know more about myself but my brain is freezing up on me!
- Some times I just want someone to pamper me for a change.
- Other times I just want to be left alone.
- I'll joke and laugh no matter how bad I feel. I just don't think that anyone could help me but me so I just don't show it.
- I wake up with really messy hair, scary messy!
- I used to have a sore throat every day when I was younger!
- I'm very critical and cynical.
- I'm my own reality check.
- I burt every part of my body except for my face while cooking.
- I check if knives are sharp enough on my skin before cutting with them.
- If I don't cry that doesn't mean that I'm not in pain.
- My parents dysfunctional relationship is one of the main reasons to why I don't want to get married.
- No matter how good I am, I'm still not good enough.
- I am a good person no matter how bad I screw up.
- When I was younger I wanted an owl a snake and a lizard as pets, I still do!
- I'm very stubborn, you could never change my mind!
- I'm never wrong! Even if I was, which is never!:p
- This started out as a random post but then it turned personal and I don't feel like coming up with a title!
- My eyes speak what's going in my mind when words are no more appreciated, that's why I can't face you.
- I've never owned a pet that didn't die
- I hate rabbits, they look evil!
- My bed is shaped as a house, it's pink an purple (don't laugh!)! I love the concept but want to repaint it, but haven't found the energy to do so.
- Madry sheno ba3ad, I guess that's it! Yallah now go do something useful with your life!


Godless Saudi said...

"90% of my body is covered with scars"

are you a zombie ?

Sumaiah said...

Looool maybe!
Between self injuring, burns, and accidental wounds that's what I ended up with!
Now that I think of it, maybe 90% is not a realistic number! Everywhere I look there's a scar, so they cover a large percentage of my body.

Vainglorious said...

I hate rabbits tooo!!!

Lol! cute bed ;p

Sumaiah said...

I thought that I'm the only one who does! Every time I tell ppl that I hate rabbits they tell me "rabbits are cute, why do u hat them?".

Did u just call my bed cute! My bed is fierce!:p
I'll post a picture if u don't believe me!:p

Slashy said...

- I wake up with really messy hair, scary messy!

LOOOOOOOOOOL!! w ana ash-haad :p

need more similiar posts!! what about ur music and dvds collection??

Sumaiah said...

Looooool yeah it's abnormal! Elmoshkella I have so little hair oo it's this messy, what if I wasn't balding!:p

Yeah I enjoyed writing this one, so once I think of more I'll post them :)
My playlist consist of 70 songs, and I only have the complete seasons of The L Word DVDs, nothing worth mentioning!