Thursday, August 26, 2010

Introducing Nawal

Nawal is my aunt who has Down syndrome. She's the sweetest and purest person ever to walk this earth, but she's known by her endless temper tantrums.

When I was young I didn't use to have any special bond with her, as far as I was concerned she was my aunt and nothing more. Now that I'm older I came to realize how much she had to suffer, having down's in a time when being different made life much harder. To us and anyone our age she's a person, but to people her age she's crippled. I could only imagine how much she suffered as a young person. was she bullied? was she left out of play groups? Did she have any friends?

Because I know that her life must've been tougher than mine, I now try my best to make her feel loved. I listen to her when she's in a chatty mood. I try to distract her when she demands tea (she's addicted to tea and I hate serving it to her because she's already having some health problems because of it) by offering juice. I try to calm her down when she gets agitated. I just try to be her friend.

When I first started doing this I didn't want anything in return but to my surprise I got plenty! By befriending Nawal I started to feel good. First when she started demanding kisses, and then when she started hugging me all the time. It might not seem like much to you, but I've never seen her hug anyone but me. With her I feel loved, she's purifying me.

The only problem with Nawal is that she's not a big fan of my favorite sister Mesho. For a reason that none of us know she just doesn't like her! La oo tetballa 3alaiha ba3ad 7abebty!:p

Nawal has her own vocabulary, I'll share some with you. I won't share her cursing vocabulary thu:p

- ma beda5ty = I'm not talking to you, you're no friend of mine.
- dottor= doctor, that's what she calls my sisters because they're doctors. She's very smart:)
- bedla= food
- safey= travel
- allaby= thief
- Allah = pray


Vainglorious said...

I'm proud of you :)

Many people try to avoid those with down syndrome or any other disability but you did the exact opposite and reached out for her. She's a human being, just like the rest of us and deserves attention, care and love.
Way to go Sumiah :)

Sumaiah said...

Thank u :)

We grew up around down syndrome so el7emdellah we didn't have a choice but to get used to it. I just did what I felt should be done weshbe6at ma3ay, I guess I'm just lucky!

I wanted to post a photo of her but she was in a bad mood today oo I didn't have any pictures of her on my phone, maybe I'll put a picture of her tomorrow :)

Aurous said...

Thagt's very sweet and courageous of you..
I find it hard to deal with people with Down... first time I talked to one I was talking to her as a kid but then I found out that she's older than me!
I guess I didn't realize that they're aware that they're different.. I'm still learning though :)

Sumaiah said...

They're very clever u don't have to treat them differently!

My aunt is about my mom's age and she loves to chat. Talking to her is so amusing, she jokes and complains and has normal conversations in a somewhat different language.

She's my favorite member of my dad's family. I'm just doing what I should be doing:)

Nice having u in my blog :)
And I love ur blog but can't view the comment box from my BB. If it's not to much to ask, could u change the comment setting to have them in a separate window?