Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I Can Officially Drive


Ok I do admit that I got it a week ago, so this is really not too new! Bs ever since I received my license I've been using it as my BBM picture, I've published it on my facebook account, and if it was up to me I'd punch a hole in it and wear it around my neck!:p

So it's only normal that u all get to see it. You all have to understand that I'm 21 and just driving, so if I sound like I'm "mo m9adga" it's because I am! That doesn't exactly mean that I'm trilled and over the moon. I've actually been avoiding driving since I passed my try! Everyone outside have been driving since ages and I've just started out and it's really scary. On the only occasion elly tanazalt feha oo segt (from Qurain to the avenues) 7asait lawadem kelhom bekaf5ony! Ya3ny what if I drove as if I owned the stupid street! Laish tsawoon salfa etha rekabt e6ereej! And if it took me 5 minutes to park, what's the big deal?

People, it's not as if you were born good drivers. Everybody has to learn, so give me the chance to do so!

Ps: I'm not sure where those pictures will be placed so if they look stupid so be it!:p

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sweetd said...

Mabrook ;) it's okay..I was excited too when I got my licence I was 18..then at age 19 I got my car..I was afraid to drive cuz its crazy here..:D b3dain after a while ull have the confidence..ma3aliach min those crazy people that drive! be safe and enjoy it! :D I luv crusinggggggggggggg :D and enjoy ur ticket to freedom ;)

extinct-dodo.com said...

golololoooosh, i demand you drive us bloggers all down to 7awalli b3iz ilza7ma oo ta3zimeena 3ala bo6a6 oo badyan mn forsan ilmontakhab to celebrate.

Vainglorious said...

Mabrooooook :D:D

LOL @ extinct-dodo, I agreeee o I call the FRONT SEAT!! ;p

Sumaiah said...

Sweet D:
Allah ybarek feech honey:)
Yeah I figured that much! It's the freedom part that's keeping me motivated:)
Welcome to my blog dear:)

Wanasa yebab! Feny na89 ma7ad eyabebly!:p
Wallah elly nawe 3alla ro7a 5l eyey baitna wana awadekom afa 3alaikom. Bs maby family members yda3oon 3alay lama ad3am fekom lo sama7taw!:p
La wallah twadony 7awaly asoog, chan owgaf bne9 e6ereej wabchy oo shofo mn besoog fekom 7azat'ha!:p
Taboon elavenues awadekom! 3 marat re7tla mn youm segt chena mako '3aira, I hate 3eed!:(

Allah ybarek feech honey:*

Loool ee bs I'm gonna have to take ur family history and do some medical investigation to rule out heart conditions, hypertension, and any other diseases that will lead to catastrophic consequences when combined with excessive stress! If u're healthy enough u might enjoy the ride!:p

Ambrosial said...

aYWaaaaaaa 3l Barakaaaah! 3adi 3adi jidan 3adi! I got my license when I was 18 and never drove much! Do u know what's funny? I remember getting it in the afternoon, and we went to the shalaih, mom drove, and I drove blshalaih! LOOL athr raj3ii, people fiddle around blshalaih when they're 16, 17 and maybe younger than that, wana when I got to officially drive, sigt blshalaih! el7mdilah wlshikir! LOL ;P

Anyway, kathrai ihyata, and I call shot gun! abi nrou7 7awallii 3alam elmanga! LOL ;P 3ad 9ar b5a6ri kaifkum ;p

Sumaiah said...

Allah ybarek feech honey:*
What's even funnier is that I haven't driven beshalay 7atta after getting my license! Ma7ad ya'3lebny la t7awleen!:p

Waaaaiy 3ad elyoum maraina 3alla 3alam elmango bs kan mbacher so kan msakar! 7addy knt meshtahya oo bema enny fa6ra the only thing that stopped me mn enny I get me some 9amady was enna kan msakar!:(
Ya3ny laish ma7ad yra3y chlab rm'6an (yes they still use chalbat rm'6an in my house!) Ya3ny come on!:p

Oo 5ala9 I'm not taking u anywhere, ur all gonna laugh at my sucky driving oo ba3dain ra7 anafes wa9fe6 3alyemeen, don't think that I won't do it, I did it before and won't hesitate to do it again!:p

Slashy said...


congrats baby!

Sumaiah said...

Thank u honey:**