Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Cooking Mama

Lately I've been spending all of my free time cooking because I kind of feel like I have no purpose in life. Cooking have always been one of the few things that I actually enjoy doing, and I have plenty of mouths to feed, so you'd think that it's a win-win situation, right? Well think again!

The problem is that I'm cooking vast amounts of food (some days I'll even try three new recipes at the same time!), and one of my sisters just got engaged and she doesn't want me to fatten her up! Everybody's telling me not to make anything but then once I stop they start asking! The good thing is that I've never been tempted to try what I cook so I'm still losing weight welkel 7a8ed 3aley!:p

I never thought that I'll enjoy being at home, with no studies and all. But I realized even if I'm staying at home, that doesn't stop me from accomplishing something! Right now I'm making peanut butter and jam cookies, care for some?:p


Vainglorious said...

I want some!! :D

Zain sawaitay making use of your time ;)

Ambrosial said...

That's awesome! :-D Wallah 3afyah, u can give us some tips, it'll sure come in handy for ramadan ;) ana wa7da nawya ayeeb elyhda brmthan! Wish me luck ;p

Sumaiah said...

It got burnt a little mn ta7at, bs it tastes good and I'm making them eat it! Ur welcomed to come and have as much as u want!:p
Yeah, I rarely have a spare moment now, and I feel so active:)

I make good food but I don't think that I'm good enough to give tips! Bs if u have inquiries that I could answer I'll be glad to help:)

I didn't get the last part, bs good luck girl!:p

Ambrosial said...

LOL "ayeeb elyhda" means "bshta6" How can I put it in english.. mm.. I'm gonna bring my A-Game in Ramadan ;p

Sumaiah said...

I'm pretty sure that that's not a real word!:p
Ee chan gelty bashta6 mn lawal!!:p

I've been cooking for rama'6an mn sentain ago because mom is known for making feasts, and no one likes to ythagel 3alfo6oor. It's really a great month to bring ur A-game in, so good luck with that:)

Godless Saudi said...

"some days I'll even try three new recipes at the same time"

I hope you don't eat all what you cook !:P

Sumaiah said...

Loooool don't worry I don't eat anything that I cook for some reason! I've been told that my cooking's good but never tried it myself. My siblings do the job very efficiently thu!:p

Coconut said...

ya36eech el 3afyah.
heh wish I was like you, I can cook and I cook really well too but I just HATE it :P

Sumaiah said...

Allah y3afeech:*

Loool I have weird interests, that I've noticed!:p

They banned me from entering the kitchen ella to make my food, I'm grieving!:(
Wallah it's not fair, I need new ppl to feed!!