Sunday, August 8, 2010

2 Digit Number

Elyoum chayakt 3alla my bank account and I was shocked to see a two digit number! It's been a long time since I had this little money, I feel so madry! ‬‬ ‪‪

 ‬‬‪When I first started college I used to save out of my e3ana (don’t ask me how but I did it! I had simpler needs back then maybe), and for some time I had a saving of 4 digits (even if for a short time!). Something happened along the way and I starting spending like crazy but still I had a comfy cushion to lean on.‬‬‪‪ ‬‬

Now that I have no income and I still have to pay some expenses I'm really starting to freak out! I don’t want to have to ask someone for anything, I never did and I never want to do it! I really need to be employed; I need to work and start saving again, because if I had my savings still I wouldn’t have to live with this fear!‬‬‪‪ ‬‬‪‪

The reason to why I'm still not hyper ventilating is that mom and dad did the best thing that a parent could do for a child and started a saving account for all of us. It's not that much but it's enough to live out of for 6 months to one year depending on how lavish I choose to live. Even though that money is available for me I kind of wanted to keep it and double it or so to get something for my parents for thinking about our future, but I guess now I'll have to wait for a more suitable time I guess!‬‬


Vainglorious said...

LOL! you and I both! Tawa il shahar baadi o all im left with is a 2 digit number! I have no idea where my money went!! Ok thats a lie, I do know where my money went, Online shopping!! Darn it! Who invented that thing! Thats the thing about me, when I get blue and stressed out I waste my money on retail therapy, in my case its online shopping ;p
*sigh* and that is why i need yoga! ;p

Ambrosial said...

I like ur financial principles ;) good girl wallah. Unlike the devil I am, I spend more than what I have! b3dain agool ist'3frallah ma fehum ibrikah! LOL ;P I had the 2 digit number incident so many times o bidayt elshahr b3d! lol but for the time being, I'm Ambrosial Limdalillah! ;p but I have this feeling that I'll wake up tmw. morning and its all gone! LOL ;P I'm gonna abuse my credit cards, jsmi e7kni! I HAVE THE URGE! ;p
(Thakruni a3zl elzakaht, wla bas7ak'hum b3d! ;pP)

Coconut said...

heheh you seem to have control over your money. As for me? I can't stop spending until I go broke.

I should really learn something from you and start saving, these money spending habits of mine need to be corrected.

Sumaiah said...

Lool! We need to find u some yoga classes soon!!

Yeah I used to be very clever around money:)

Loooool happy spending!:p

I used to be good with money back when I used to have some!:p

You should totally do! Ma tadreen when ur gonna need money, so by saving u get to have a ready balance to pay for any emergency requirement!

5/4 said...

أمبيه نفس الحالة

الحين قاعده أيمع فلوس البانزين من خردة حاطتهم بجره

لي متى جذي فلوسنا مادري وين تروح


Sumaiah said...

Looool laish chethy kelna nfashel!:p

I missed ur comments honey, welcome back:)

Slashy said...


Sumaiah said...

Honey I miss u too:*

And I miss writing on the blog! My stupid blog is acting up, it wouldn't let me post, keeps telling me that there's an error in my HTML something! I hate technology so I really don't know how to act with this! I'm suffering wallah, I love my blog:(

Tazmania said...

so how did you do it back in college ?? :p

Sumaiah said...

For some reason when u just started college ppl love to give u money! So I just lived of that money and the e3ana stayed untouched. Plus, my expenses are limited to groceries and books, I rarely go shopping! The only reason why I'm out of money now is because I went overboard with buying gifts for family and friends, and I really don't regret it the least :)

I won't die of poverty, it's just that I hate going out and knowing that I can't buy the things that I want with my own money! I know that if I asked someone will buy it for me but I hate asking!